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A Day to Remember

April 20, 2010 1 comment

Last month, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh hosted 160 guests for an Autism Awareness Day. An area mother whose family participated in the day’s activities sent us an e-mail and a photo that we couldn’t help but share with you!

Gus and Henry had a fantastic time and we can’t wait to go back. Gus has been talking about how cool it was since we left. His favorite thing was the “text rain” installation – the wall projection of letters drifting to the ground. When you stand in front of it, your shadow can catch the letters. Gus told me he wanted one in his bedroom! He also told me the next day that he would like to bring that letter rain home with him and kiss it. He talked me into cutting out construction paper letters and then hanging them from his ceiling (photo below). He smiles every night looking at it before he falls asleep.

This was the first time our family had visited the Children’s Museum. While I used to say we didn’t go because it was too far and we didn’t have time, the fact is, taking two kids with autism to public places can be sort of tough. My boys absolutely LOVED the museum. We can’t wait to visit again. The staff were great with the kids, and there is just so much cool, fun sensory stuff to do; we can’t stay away. Thank you Children’s Museum and Autism Speaks!

- Ellen Cicconi

Gus' "text rain" installation


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