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Autism in the News – Friday, 2.19.10


Autism Reshaping Grandparent Role, Survey Finds (Disability Scoop)
Grandparents are often the first to suspect that a child may have autism and they play a major role in caring for children once they are diagnosed, according to preliminary findings from what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind survey of grandparents of those on the autism spectrum. Read more.


Autism up in local schools (Andalusia, La.)
Both, Andalusia City Schools and Covington County Schools have seen increases in students who have autism, the disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Read more.
Yakima May Get a School for Autistic Kids (Yakima, Wash.)
School can be a difficult place for children with autism. And in Yakima, there aren’t a lot of options for these kids. But that’s about to change. Or at least that’s the hope of one father doing everything he can to give his autistic son the best education he can get. Even if that means building him his own school. Read more.


Bill helps parents block kids’ vaccinations (Charleston, W.Va.)
Parents would have greater leeway to keep their school-aged children from receiving vaccines under a bill advanced Thursday by the Senate Education Committee. Read more.


Missouri autism insurance measure advances to Senate (Jefferson City, Mo.)
The Missouri House on Thursday passed a bill mandating insurance coverage of autism spectrum disorders. Read more.


Saturday’s 5K event to raise money for autism (Gainesville, Fla.)
A club at Eastside High School dedicated to autism awareness hosts its third annual STAR 5K walk-run Saturday morning — and organizers hope for more than 400 participants. Read more.

West Chester Police Learn About Autism (West Chester, Ohio)
West Chester Police are learning about Autism. Every police officer in the department will watch a video called “Autism and Law Enforcement.” Read more.

Program gives art students a chance to spread talent (Slippery Rock, Penn.)
Art comes in all forms: paint, paper, crayons, glue, markers, glitter, clay, puff balls, feathers and egg cartons. Read more.

ARC of Cibola County serves people with disabilities (Grants, N.M.)
Newly elected President David Palenschat said, “We want to re-establish ARC in the community.” He explained the name: ARC of Cibola County, serving people with special disabilities. Talking about the countywide group and its relationship with area residents Palenschat remarked, “We are a community association providing specific events for individuals with special needs.” Read more.


New group helps West Dorset adults with Asperger’s syndrome (UK)
A new group is helping instil confidence in West Dorset adults with Asperger’s syndrome. Read more.


Disgraced MMR-scare doctor Andrew Wakefield quits US clinic he founded (UK)
Andrew Wakefield, the disgraced doctor who first claimed that the MMR vaccine could cause autism, has resigned unexpectedly from the American clinic he set up after his work was widely discredited in Britain. Read more.

Uncle charged in girl’s death (Phoenix, Ariz.)
A 5-year-old Hawai’i girl may have been dead for more than a month before police discovered her body in the bedroom of a relative’s apartment in Phoenix, Ariz. Read more.

Mother of Claudia Lawrence Facebook hoaxer Matthew Biel makes ‘heartfelt apology’ (UK)
A mother has apologised after her teenage son left a hoax Facebook message claiming to be from missing York chef Claudia Lawrence. Read more.

Having his say (Bolingbrook, Ill.)
The things he does well far outnumber the few tasks that are too challenging for him to tackle. Read more.

Heritage wrestler Jackson still a winner despite developmental battles (Denver, Colo.)
Lisa Jackson admits that she thought wrestling was merely something of a diversion for her son Billy, an extracurricular activity that could possibly help her extremely shy child come out of his shell a bit socially. Read more.

Autism doesn’t deter this volunteer (Milford, Penn.)
Jessica Bajek turned 23 years of age on Feb. 11 and enjoys being part of the kitchen team at Belle Reve. Jessica, who lives with autism, volunteers every Tuesday and Thursday at Belle Reve’s and is in her second year volunteering in the kitchen as a “kitchen helper”. Her volunteering brings Jessica happiness and purpose and she never misses a day of work unless the weather makes transportation too dangerous. Read more.

Do you or a loved one have Asperger’s syndrome? (San Luis Obispo, Calif.)
Do you sometimes hold one-sided, long-winded conversations without noticing that your listener has tuned you out? Read more.

Mental health counselor to visit teen accused of killing father in custody (Algonquin, Ill.)
A 16-year-old Algonquin boy accused of killing his allegedly abusive father had struggled with deep depression and suicidal thoughts, his attorney said Thursday. Read more.

Moses makes magic (N.J.)
Although the eyes of the world are on the Winter Olympics in Vancouver right now, for one bright shining moment earlier this month, the eyes of Garden State residents were on Moses Choi as he won the gold at the Special Olympics of New Jersey Winter Games. Read more.

Show goes on for student despite Asperger’s Syndrome (N. Hardin, Ky.)
The stage might seem like an unlikely setting for someone who’s autistic and has difficulty with social interaction. Read more.

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