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Autism in the News – Tuesday, 2.23.10


Why autism is different for girls (U.K.)
With hindsight, Nicky Clark says early signs of autism were present in both her children. The elder one, though very bright, had a love of routine and was not interested in fantasy games like other children. The younger one liked to line things up in rows and would watch the same video clip over and over again for hours. When she got the diagnosis it came as a huge shock, as it would be for any parent. But there was an additional reason why it was unexpected – both her children are girls. Read more.

The prevalence of obesity in children with autism: a secondary data analysis using nationally representative data from the National Survey of Children’s Health (Biomedcentral.com)
The prevalence of childhood obesity has increased dramatically in the last two decades and numerous efforts to understand, intervene on, and prevent this significant threat to children’s health are underway for many segments of the pediatric population. Understanding the prevalence of obesity in populations of children with developmental disorders is an important undertaking, as the factors that give rise to obesity may not be the same as for typically developing children, and because prevention and treatment efforts may need to be tailored to meet their needs and the needs of their families. The goal of the current study was to estimate the prevalence of obesity in children and adolescents with autism. Read more.

Research builds on genetic link to autism and schizophrenia (EurekAlert)
A genetic link between schizophrenia and autism is enabling researchers to study the effectiveness of drugs used to treat both illnesses. Read more.


Dolphin therapy is booming despite concerns about efficacy and animal cruelty (The Washington Times)
Do you or does your child suffer from cerebral palsy? Down syndrome? Autism? A knee injury? General ennui? Read more.


Kathy Walsh Nufer column: East student wins writing contest about friends with autism (Appleton, Wis.)
Marcus Christenson has great affection for his buddies across the hall in Room 1128 at Appleton East High School. Read more.

SCSU Becomes First Conn. School to Open Center on Autism (Conn.)
Southern Connecticut State University is making a name for itself in the field of autism education. The university can already be considered a leader in that sphere – it’s currently the only public university to offer autism as a concentration in its special education Master’s program – but the biggest step yet is becoming the only school in Connecticut to open a center on autism spectrum disorders. Read more.

Teaching autistic child at home (North Port, Fla.)
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes the symptoms of 5-year-old Charlie Jackson’s disorder as “atypical development in socialization, communication and behavior.” For parents Jenifer and Sean, it has meant their child continually retreated into his own world, unable to play or learn like other children. Read more. 


House panel to take up autism insurance (Va.)
The middle-schooler can tell you what he needs and how he’s feeling, and it’s been worth every penny of the Maloney family’s life savings to get there. Read more.


Google SketchUp lets children with autism create (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Ever since its 2000 debut by two Colorado software designers, SketchUp has been known as a cutting-edge 3D modeling computer program for architects. By pushing a cursor around downloadable objects, designers created two-dimensional scenes that could later be rendered three-dimensional with editing tools. Read more.

Project could be a lifesaver (Catskill, N.Y.)
There’s nothing scarier than when a child goes missing, and the dread is compounded when that child has special needs. Read more.


Early investment (Pleasant Hill, Iowa)
As The Homestead prepares to celebrate its 15th anniversary, the organization faces budget uncertainty from county, state and federal sources. Read more.

 Orlando To Evict ‘Freedom Ride’ (Orlando, Fla.)
Lawmakers in the city say some disabled people may have to go. Read more.


Project Lifesaver’s bracelets help track those with Alzheimer’s when they get lost (Gainesville, Fla.)
The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office issued a reminder to county residents Monday morning about a program that can help people with memory-loss issues who may get lost or confused. Read more.


Jordan, Ruth & Tartaglia Join Got Talent? – An Autism Benefit 5/24 (BroadwayWorld.com)
Got Talent?, a competition benefiting QSAC, a NY agency serving people with autism, has announced three new celebrities who are joining the Grand Finale Judging panel on May 24 at the Times Square Arts Center. Don’t think Paula, Simon and Randy. QSAC’s GOT TALENT – GOT: Leslie, Ruth and John – that’s funny man Leslie Jordan, (aka Beverly Leslie and Brother Boy) the sexy Dr. Ruth and Broadway & TV Star/Puppet Master John Tartaglia. Read more.

Chaotic love (TheSpec.com)
My house is extremely busy. What some people may call chaotic. I live with my mother, father, brother age 13, sister age four, foster sister aged 23, and my foster brother age seven. Unfortunately at birth he was diagnosed with a severe case of autism. Living with an autistic child really changes the way you live. Read more.

Hackney woman to run London Marathon for autism charity (U.K.)
A Hackney woman is trying to raise £1,600 ahead of this year’s London Marathon for The National Autistic Society (NAS). Read more.

Ashington man gets tattoos for charity – Video (U.K.)
Many people would not be brave enough to get a tattoo – let alone two on the same day. Read more.

Lee Flames will host Mountain State in Hoops-4-Hope Friday (Cleveland, Tenn.)
A chance to see the top-ranked NAIA team in the country at a bargain price plus a chance to recognize some very special people is what Lee University is offering local basketball fans this evening. Read more.

Del. Marshall says abortion remark misconstrued, apologizes (The Washington Post)
Virginia Del. Robert G. Marshall apologized Monday to people with disabilities for remarks suggesting that women who have abortions risk having later children with birth defects as a punishment from God. Read more.

Tallis takes off with first steps (Australia)
When Tallis Munro began Prep this year at Coolnwynpin State School, he was able to face his classmates eye to eye. Read more.

Uncle Charged in Abuse, Death of Special Needs Girl (Phoenix, Ariz.)
 A 47-year-old man has been criminally charged with the death of his 5-year-old niece. Read more.

Robbers steal special laptop from visually impaired college student at St. Paul bus stop (St. Paul, Minn.)
Phil Sporer depends on his laptop more than many other college students. The 20-year-old is visually impaired, and his computer, issued by the Minnesota State Services for the Blind, has special software. Read more.


Tennis Celebrities to Participate in Event Benefitting Walk Now For Autism (Fla.)
For the fourth consecutive year, ten tennis celebrities of the present and legends of the past will play at the center court as part of the exclusive IV Annual Tennis ProAm which benefits Walk Now For Autism, now affecting 1 out of every 110 children. Read more.

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