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Fever Plus Mitochondrial Disease Could Be Risk Factors for Autistic Regression

  1. Angela Jordan
    April 19, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    Please keep me posted on this research. My son, 13 yrs. old now, has High-functioning Autism. He has gone through so many set backs and struggles everyday to maintain a ‘normal’ life.

    On Nov. 30,09, I found my son unconsious in his room. He had fallen, and we had no idea what had happened. He was in ICU for a week at Dayton Children’s Medical (Dayton, OH). They found that he had a staph infection of the inner ear, mastoiditis and inflammation around the brain. He gratefully responded to treatment and was released. On Dec. 24th, he had his tubes in his ears removed. He had no problems from this surgery. The next day, Dec. 24th, he had a seizure and was in the hospital over night and released on Dec. 25th with seizure medication. He recently went off Topamax because it was making him so dizzy and sick.

    I am desperate to find a way to help my son. He has suffered to long. His childhood has been extremely traumatic for him, and he needs to have some peace.

    Thank you for the wonderful information. I will be following the research closely. Please inform me if there is a chance that my son could participate in any research.

    Angela Jordan
    “Pieces of the Puzzle”
    Autism Activist

  2. May 26, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    3 year old with history of many ear infections and rotavirus and nonverbal. urine metabolite tests were done with elevated something that began with “G” the neurologist wanted the test repeated and it was still elevated. his pediatric dr said further testing would involve muscle tissue and would be too invasive since nothing could be done to help him anyway. always wondered if this involved the mitochondria he is now 12 years old with severe autism. i would appreciate a reply. thanks

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