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What Does Genetics Have to Do with Treatment?

Finding appropriate treatments for autism is a challenge for families and clinicians alike. While behavioral treatments are an effective mainstay of therapeutic approaches, many individuals with autism benefit from the addition of medicinal interventions, particularly for problem behaviors, severe self-injury, and disruptive repetitive behaviors. A major impediment to finding effective treatment regimens is the fact that individual responses to the same medicine can vary greatly due to genetic background. Finding the most effective dose with the fewest side effects means slowly trying various doses, and possibly having to switch medicines. This is not only a challenge for the physician, but is also a confounding factor in large-scale clinical trials that aim to determine the overall effectiveness of a medication.

  1. Suniti Bhand
    September 23, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    I am a parent of a 28 years old A. person. I am writing this because I am desperate. My son lives in a group home. He was having some difficulties and we were in the process of finding a new place for him. Now he has developed a severe side reaction to his medicines. His body shakes so much that he can’t even stand. He is in a wheel chair. bad part is that he can,t even eat solid food since he has difficulty swallowing. His doctor has stopped resperdal and seroquil but he is still taking depocot along with some med. for shaking. I am so scared and afraid for him. He was physically strong and to see him totally dependent on other people is devastating. Group home people are trying to get an appointment with neurologist but that may take some time. Is there anything we can do?I would appreciate if I could talk to somebody who has seen it all.
    thank you

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