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Autism in the News – Wednesday, 04.07.10

Police: Caregiver Took Autistic Man to Drug House (Amherst, N.Y.)
We now have more information about how Michael Donnelly spent those 24 hours when he went missing with an autistic man in his care. Michael Donnelly faces up to 8 years in prison for endangering the welfare of a disabled person and grand larceny. Read more.

Autism – is the Grandmother’s Age Significant? (Insciences.org)
A report just published in the online journal, PLoS ONE, indicates that the mothers of children with an autistic spectrum disorder were themselves more likely to have been born to older mothers. These findings could open up new avenues in autism research. Read more.

Trial begins in fatal school stabbing (Woburn, Mass.)
Prosecutors say John Odgren had a mission to kill and fulfilled it on a Most of the jury pool had heard of the case. They had heard a 15-year-old had been fatally stabbed by a fellow student three years ago at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. They had heard of John Odgren, and Asperger’s disorder, and mental illness.  Read more.

An interview with animal scientist Temple Grandin (The Washington Post)
Temple Grandin is an animal scientist whose work designing cattle pens and corrals revolutionized slaughterhouses in the 1970s and ’80s. Today, she estimates that half of the cattle in the United States and Canada are handled in equipment she has designed.  Read more.

Organizers ‘pump up the volume’ of Project: Rock for Autism (Tampa, Fla.)
Since last year’s Project: Rock for Autism fundraiser raised $2,400 for the University of South Florida’s Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, organizers Steve Toth and Britt Smith made it their goal to double the tally again this year. The 2009 total of $2,400 was double the amount of money taken in during the fundraiser’s inaugural year.  Read more.

Understanding Autism in Adulthood (Huffington Post)
Recently, a family friend updated my wife about her young adult son who has relatively high-functioning autism. His current situation is reasonably illustrative of the realities for many individuals with similar attributes. Read more.

Cost of treatment a ‘double whammy’ (Wilmington, Del.)
After years of frugal living and careful saving, Mark and Susan Johnston finally got the place of their dreams: a four-bedroom house in a new development where their kids, Conner and Madeline, have room to roam.  Read more.

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