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Autism in the News – Thursday, 04.08.10

Miramichi autism registry a first for Canada (Canada)
The world can be an overwhelming place for somebody diagnosed with autism.  And as a parent of two autistic children, Belinda Shaddick knows firsthand the unique set of challenges that go along with ensuring the safety of not only children with autism, but teens and adults as well. Read more.

MSU research aims to better education for autistic students (East Lansing, Mich.)
With the issue of educating children with autism spectrum disorders, or ASD, drawing increased attention in recent years, a team of MSU researchers found many of the state’s teachers are not qualified to meet the needs of those students. Read more.

Missing Autistic 6-Year-Old Found Dead In Lake (Villa Rice, Fla.)
Channel 2 Action News reporter Ross Cavitt has confirmed with Villa Rica officials that a missing 6-year-old autistic boy has died after he was found in a lake near his home. Read more.

Lawyer seeks reports on man’s tasing (Peoria, Ill.)
A local attorney wants the mayor of Peoria to appear in court and explain why City Hall has not handed over reports involving the arrest and repeated tasing of a severely autistic man. Read more.

Another parent pulls student from school over bullying (Junction City, Ore.)
The old saying doesn’t work for one parent worried about his son and bullies. Read more.

Photo Release — iPad App Helps Autistic Teen Communicate (New York, N.Y.)
One of the first apps developed for Apple’s new iPad is a tool to help autistic people communicate. Called iMeanTM, it turns the entire iPad screen into a large-button keyboard, with text display and word prediction. It allows people who are speech-challenged to communicate their needs and ideas directly, distinctly and independently.  Read more.

Unlocking autism’s secrets, one family at a time (Baltimore, Md.)
The life I had anticipated for my younger son changed the day I learned he has an autism spectrum disorder. But his diagnosis also changed the life I envisioned for myself — for the better. I finally had an explanation for his unusual behavior, and a goal to help find crucial answers about autism. Read more.

House looks for Senate autism bill compromise (Jefferson City, Mo.)
Insurance agency representatives asked a House committee Tuesday to reject the Senate version of autism insurance legislation. Read more.

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