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Autism in the News – Tuesday, 04.13.10

Missing 11-year-old girl found in Fla. (Winter Park, Fla.)
Authorities have found a central Florida girl who has been missing since Friday. Read more.

Human working memory is based on dynamic interaction networks in the brain (EurekAlert)
A research project of the Neuroscience Center of the University of Helsinki sheds light on the neuronal mechanisms sustaining memory traces of visual stimuli in the human brain. The results show that the maintenance of working memory is associated with synchronisation of neurons, which facilitates communication between different parts of the brain. On the basis of interaction between the brain areas, it was even possible to predict the subject’s individual working memory capacity. The results were published last week in the online version of the renowned journal PNAS. Read more.

Dog Helps Autistic Boy in School (Charlottesville, Va.)
A Charlottesville boy with autism is getting some help in school from a furry companion. Eight-year-old Jack Haynes and his service dog named Glory are joined by the tether system. Read more.

Teen’s state of mind is focus of murder trial (Boston, Mass.)
He said that he just exploded, that he could not control himself, prosecutors said. Read more.

Village autistic man will not face assault complaint charges (The Village, Okla.)
An autistic man who has seizures was jailed last week after displaying combative behavior in a hospital emergency room but will not face felony charges, a prosecutor said. Read more.

Georgia autism diagnosis rates rising faster than nation (Ga.)
The life Janel and Jason Schwartz anticipated for their little girl changed the day they learned she has an autism spectrum disorder. Read more.

Autistic Gilbert boy inspires cross-country teammates (Gilbert, Ariz.)
When Michael Taylor first told his parents he was trying out for the cross-country team, they were adamantly against it.  Read more.

  1. Joanne Charging Hawk
    May 15, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    This was the most helpful site I have read. I was diagnosed with an autistic memory many years ago. I was abused by my mother at the age of 16 months and this continued until the age of 19 years when I was asked by my famous father to move out of the house because “you are destroying out marriage”. I knew better than that, because I had insight and worked for a well known psychiatrist in the Cleveland area at the time. Somehow, someone was always looking out for me, but I was still vulnerable. My grades suffered in college because I could never wipe the visual memories of horror from my mind and it wasn’t until I married my second husband, a full blood Lakota, who is now deceased, who had the insight into what made me tick. Between he and my interactive psychiatrist, they helped me rebuild my self esteem. However, now that Bernie is gone, I live with the vivid memories of his passing, his illness, and the tormenting thoughts of wanting to go with him. I am not suicidal, but he was the only stability I ever had in my life and I cannot let go of him. I am an artist by trade now, though I am disabled from my job as a medical transcriber. I am overly sensitive and it pains me to watch people suffer. My mother is still toxic and I must stay away from her and my siblings or I get caught in the web that brings me back down. Thank you for this insightful article and the research you are doing. I would be more than willing to participate in any research projects to help others to come. This is a hideous problem to live with. I forget nothing, not even the way the sun slants on a given day at a given moment. Some would call it a blessing. I call it a curse.

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