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Autism in the News – Wednesday, 04.14.10

From nightmare to happy ending for parents of missing Odessa teen (Odessa, Fla.)
It was the nightmare Mary and John Parrish had long feared. Read more.

Study finds changes in fetal epigenetics throughout pregnancy (EurekAlert)
Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have found that epigenetic marks on human placentas change from the first trimester of pregnancy to the third, a discovery that may allow clinicians to prevent complications in pregnancy. Read more.

‘Walk Now for Autism Speaks’ Reception at Rentschler Field (Hartford, Conn.)
Autism Speaks Greater Hartford held a “Walk Now for Autism Speaks” kick off reception Thursday for their 5th Annual Walk at the Stadium Club at Rentschler Field in East Hartford. Read more.

Did Teen John Odgren Commit “Perfect Murder” or is Mental Disorder to Blame for High School Killing? (Woburn, Mass.)
John Odgren, charged with fatally stabbing another student at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, was portrayed by a prosecutor as a calculating killer who often talked about committing “the perfect murder.” Read more.

Rescuer: ‘Lord led me’ to missing girl (MSNBC.com)
The story of how a lone volunteer working on his own found a lost girl in the Florida swamps was so extraordinary, law enforcement officials at first weren’t sure whether they should believe it. Read more.

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