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Autism in the News – Thursday, 04.15.10

Living with autism: A father’s story (CNNMoney.com)
April is National Autism Awareness Month–the time to talk about a disability that affects one in every 110 births in the U.S. and almost 1 in 70 boys. The lifetime cost of caring for a child with autism: $3.5 to $5 million, according to The Autism Society. But all the money in the world doesn’t make dealing with autism easy. Here is one man’s story about how his son’s autism changed his life. In 1992, Harry Slatkin left Wall Street to start a business–home fragrances and candles, of all things. He sold the business to Limited Brands (LTD) in 2005 and since then has used his money and his power for the good of the cause. Read more.

‘Time Out’ for Parents of Autistic Children (Houston, Texas)
Divorce has been called a common side effect of autism. 80 percent of couples with autistic children get divorced, according to the National Autism Association. One Houston-area couple is trying to change that. Read more.

Parents push for autism coverage (Providence, R.I.)
Maria N. Janes of Westerly, the mother of two children with autism, wasn’t about to let the lobbyist get away without giving him food for thought. Read more.

Gov. Signs Autism Coverage Bill (Frankfort, Ky.)
Gov. Steve Beshear Wednesday signed legislation that will increase the amount of coverage health insurers must provide for autism spectrum disorders to insured individuals in large and small group plans, as well as the state employee health benefit plan. Read more.

Gruesome testimony in Odgren murder trial (Boston, Mass.)
Moments after a trench coat-clad John Odgren savagely plunged a butcher knife into a classmate’s heart, the 16-year-old killer cried out, “Oh my God. What did I just do?” – according to a prosecution witness who overheard the heinous attack in the school bathroom. Read more.

Parents of autistic kids face daily fear (Tampa, Fla.)
Janine Hanson’s worst fears as a parent of an autistic child were realized twice this week after two autistic kids wandered away from their homes and, luckily, were found safely. Read more.

Teen with Asperger’s gives back (Seekonk, R.I.)
Fifteen-year-old Tighe Ratcliffe rifles through the green tote bag full of fun while perched on the stoop of his Seekonk home, eager to demonstrate some of the cooler gadgets hidden inside. Read more.

Woman pleads not guilty to bilking Norwalk schools (Stamford, Conn.)
A New York woman accused of passing herself off as an autism specialist and bilking families and the Norwalk school system out of close to $200,000 for autism treatment services pleaded not guilty at her arraignment at state Superior Court in Stamford Wednesday. Read more.

Walgreens Recognized as Private-Sector Employer of the Year for People with Disabilities (Deerfield, Ill.)
Walgreens has received recognition as “Private-Sector Employer of the Year” by CAREERS & the disABLED magazine for its commitment to recruiting, hiring and promoting people with disabilities. The company was also selected as one of the top five employers readers would most like to work for or believe is progressive in its hiring practices. Walgreens will be honored by the magazine this May in Boston. Read more.

Special needs kids can join the fun at gym in Indiana Township (Indiana Township, Penn.)
Finding a gym program for a child with special needs can add another layer of challenge to everyday life for parents. Read more.

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