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Autism in the News – Friday, 04.23.10

Study shows extremely preterm children are 3 times as likely to have psychiatric disorder (Washington D.C.)
Significant advances in the neonatal intensive care have resulted in increased survival rates of children who are born at less than 26 weeks of gestation, so termed “extremely preterm children”. Notably, however, improved survival rates have been accompanied by a higher risk for later cognitive, neuromotor, and sensory impairments in these children. Read more.

Grandparents Often Help Support Kids With Autism (NPR.com)
Having a child with autism can turn parents’ lives upside down. But it can also profoundly affect the lives of grandparents, according to an online survey by the Interactive Autism Network (IAN). Read more.

Sirius XM To Broadcast Doctor Radio Reports: Understanding Autism (SiriusBuzz.com)
Ever wonder what that little blue puzzle piece is on Mel Karmazin’s lapel? It is his way of showing that he supports autism awareness. I myself have one, as do many people across this nation. Read more.

Attorney for parents of special needs kids accused of practicing without license (Washingtonpost.com)
Life for parents of special-needs children can be challenging on its best days and crushing on its worst, some parents like to say. The parents of kids with autism, learning disabilities and other problems band together to share stories of frustration and success, and to swap the names of the best schools, the best psychologists – and the best lawyers. Read more.

How, When Child Develops Autism May Determine Outcomes (U.S. News & World Report)
Children with autism whose social and communications skills regress around age 3 tend to have more severe autism than children who show signs of the neurodevelopmental disorder at younger ages, new research finds. Read more.

Man shares story about growing up w/ autism (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Growing up through your teenage years is hard enough, but for those with autism, those challenges are multiplied. But one young man showed me how he turned those obstacles into opportunities, and has a lot to share about growing up with autism. Read more.

Hope Network opens state’s 1st all-inclusive autism center; open house today (Kentwood, Mich.)
Hope Network leaders open The Hope Network Center for Autism today, the state’s first all-inclusive center devoted to treating the fastest-growing developmental disability in the U.S. Read more.

Son’s autism leads to innovation (BBC)
The father of a child with severe autism has developed technology to help him communicate. Read more.

Judge in Odgren case asked to explain insanity verdict details (Woburn, Mass.)
John Odgren’s lawyer asked the judge overseeing the teenager’s murder trial to detail to jurors the process that follows a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity, saying that a general misunderstanding of the procedure could influence the jury’s deliberations. Read more.

Walk Now for Autism Speaks: Los Angeles (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Take an important step in the fight against autism and join ABC7 and Autism Speaks for Walk Now for Autism Speaks: Los Angeles, Saturday, April 24, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Read more.

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