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Autism in the News – Monday, 04.26.10

Nadia Bloom: ‘I Thought I Was Never Going To Be Found Out There’ (ABC News)
The 11-year-old girl who was missing for four days described how she survived the dangerous Florida swamp and said she was scared and worried no one would ever find her. Read more.

Class helps autistic kids learn to socialize (Mansfield, Ohio)
Several programs tackle educational or physical barriers, but the Friendly House and the Independent Living Center know there’s more to living for children with autism and attention deficit disorders. Read more.

Jury’s task is unenviable (Boston.com)
There’s an old, classic movie — “Twelve Angry Men’’ — in which the dozen members of the jury bring all their life experiences into the jury room. It makes for gripping drama. Read more.

Autism and its effects on siblings, family members and the community (Brownsville, Texas)
“Tommy” walked down the aisle at his favorite store, Target. He spotted what he was after, a small toy elephant. Tommy loves elephants. He turned to his parents and his sister “Jenny”. Read more.

Police say missing autistic teen has been found (Canada)
Toronto Police say a missing autistic teen who went missing from a home in Scarborough Saturday has been found. Read more.

Rodney Peete learns from autistic son (ESPN.com)
Last month I took my 13-year-old to the mall to buy jeans. Then he ate a burger, took a nap and now I need to buy new, larger jeans. Read more.

  1. Wendy Leary
    April 26, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    New York State has issued a 10% pay cut to all home based providers that help children w/ ASD. This means all ABA, Speech, OT and PT therapists have gotten a pay cut effective April 1, 2010- an interesting month to chose since April is Autism Awareness month. All parents, grandparents, and friends should get involved and write to our elected officials and tell them that this is NOT okay. These very young children need home based services that are one on one w/ the child and therapist. This is why the outcomes of children with ASD are getting better everyday- especially as the diagnosis’s are being given earlier. If we do not reverse they pay cuts qualified therapists will leave to find other work. Please get involved and tell Albany that this is not right.

  2. April 26, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Who in the hell do these people and Goveners think they are not wanting to help children and peole with Autism.My son Michael who is 7yrs old has Autism he can’t talk are do much and it kills me when people in office don’t care for them. Oh but if they had a child or family member with Autism they would. It just hurt to read or here on the news stuff like this. My oldest daughter how is deaf is putting together fundraiser at her school with the help of friends to help kids with autism. She wants to name her fund raiser For my brother michael and all children with Autism. God Bless her. She even took her money for the J.R prom and donated it Saturday at the walk for Autism in Pasadina C.A she said it was from michael her littel brother.

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