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Autism in the News – Tuesday, 05.04.10

Rodney Peete Faces Son’s Autism (Atlanta, Ga.)
Rodney Peete — the former NFL quarterback and his wife actress Holly Robinson Peete — have spent much of their time educating about and advocating for autism. Read more.

Stanford imaging study discovers brain development differences in kids with fragile X syndrome (Stanford, Calif.)
Fragile X syndrome is the most common known cause of inherited intellectual disability and autism. Now, researchers using advanced, noninvasive imaging techniques have shown how the brains of very young boys with fragile X syndrome differ from those of young boys without it, providing critical information for the development of treatments for the condition. Read more.

Parents of Autistic Children Turning to Alternative Treatments (HealthDay News)
About one in five children with autism uses alternative treatments to help with the neurodevelopmental disorder, most often a special diet, a new study finds. Read more.

Autism law to ease financial burden for one northeast Kansas family (Kan.)
Elizabeth Mowery, 7, was diagnosed with autism between the age of 3 and 4. Read more.

Autism and the Media (Huffington Post)
In the United States, April was National Autism Awareness month. Whether or not media coverage of autism increased over the past few weeks, there was already a great deal of coverage. Unfortunately, much of that coverage has been focused more on raising awareness than advancing understanding. A recent interview on National Public Radio (NPR) illustrates some of the recurring weaknesses of many of these articles, radio segments, and television features. Read more.

Special Needs Student Restrained 66 Times In 19 Days (Houston, Texas)
8-year-old Garrett Fowlers’ mother is the first to admit he can be a handful. The first grader has autism, Asperger Syndrome and attention deficit disorder. Read more.

Children With Autism Frequently Receive Psychotropic Medications (Medical News Today)
Behavioral interventions typically are the first line of treatment to manage unwanted behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). If behaviors do not improve, medications frequently are added to the mix. Read more.

Study Adds To Evidence That Autism Has Genetic Basis (Medical News Today)
Although there is no known cause of autism, studies have shown that mutations in several genes are associated with the developmental brain disorder. New research has uncovered two additional genes that may be involved with autism. Read more.

Association Between Sleep Disturbances And Behavior Problems In Children With Autism (Medical News Today)
Reports have suggested that sleep problems in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are associated with challenging daytime behaviors. Read more.

Study: More Parents Refuse or Delay Vaccinations for Kids (ABCNews)
The percentage of parents who refused or delayed vaccinations for their children rose sharply in the past decade, a study presented at a medical conference today showed. Read more.

Good news if you love that White Castle smell (Chicago, Ill.)
Your heart burns for White Castle sliders? This product’s for you. The Ohio-based burger chain is selling a slider-scented candle throughout May to commemorate National Hamburger Month. Read more.

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