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Autism in the News- Wednesday, 05.26.10

Researcher Links Autism, Testosterone (Canada)
Higher testosterone levels in unborn babies can lead to permanent changes in the brain that contribute to the development of autistic traits, new research suggests. Read more.

Making Life of the Handicapped Comfortable (Russia)
Russia plans to introduce integrated nurseries, schools and other establishments where ordinary children will study together with children with mental retardation. The healthy children in these facilities start understanding that the “handicapped” does not mean “bad”. At the same time, the handicapped have an opportunity to communicate in full. Such an integrated community teaches both humanism and tolerance. Read more.

Clegg Backtracks on McKinnon Extradition Claims (TechEye)
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has started to do a U Turn on plans to save Gary McKinnon from extradition. For a few brief minutes it looked like the new government was going to stand up to the United States and not extradite Gary McKinnon. Read more.

Star-Studded Award Show To Benefit Autism Speaks Tonight (Look to the Stars)
Journalist Tom Brokaw will be a presenter at tonight’s Amerian Image Awards in New York,  an event that will raise funds for Autism Speaks. Read more.

Mom Unhappy with Autism Therapy (Canada)
A mother of three young children says her family is one of many that has been let down by Newfoundland’s health care system. Read more.

Parent Power Forces Concession on Plans to Move Respite Care (ThisisExeter)
Parents will be given more time to be consulted on plans to move respite care for disabled children out of the city. Health bosses have stressed they are listening to worried city parents over the proposals for youngsters with autism and learning difficulties who receive care at Meadowpark Centre in Shillingford Abbot, near Alphington, being transferred to units more than 20 miles away. Read more.

Psychologist says former Victor autistic student OK to stand trial (Rochester, N.Y.)
A court-appointed psychologist told Victor Town Justice Edward M. Lyng Jr. Monday that Jarred Crawford is competent to face charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Read more.

  1. Dadvocate
    May 27, 2010 at 10:41 am

    There is no better evidence of the need for better autism safety education than the last story in today’s news about the teen who had a melt down at his high school, spent a night in jail, was arraigned, and now faces trial.

    For all of you with younger children on the spectrum, this may very well be your child in a few years. Believe it or not, this outcome is better than many I come across with similar story lines. Some of these incidents prove fatal to the person with autism.

    The “fight or flight” response is very common in autism spectrum disorders and can easily be triggered by stress (in this case it was a school fire alarm going off all day). De-escalation techiniques can help diffuse a situation like this one…but these techniques don’t help if they aren’t learned or used by people in positions of responsibility. Go to http://www.autismsafetyproject.org for more information.

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