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Autism in the News – Friday, 06.04.10

Ledford senior persists through Asperger’s to graduate (Wallburg, N.C.)
Timothy Samuel in many ways appears a typical high school senior. He’s outgoing, funny, intelligent and a handsome young man. Read more.

Student with autism gains letter jacket with softball team’s help (Beaumont, Texas)
It’s easy to tell Reid Sanchez is a huge Silsbee Tigers fan. He knows the football schedule by heart, sports Tiger T-shirts for almost every team and organization on campus and touches every Tiger emblem he comes across. Read more.

Hope Network seeks research partner for new Center for Autism (Kentwood, Mich.)
In a town where more than $1 billion has been invested over the last decade to build up clinical and research capabilities, the newest center of excellence focuses on an area that typically doesn’t gain the same sort of attention as treating cancer or neurological disorders or heart disease. Read more.

Deadly train incident ‘not a suicide’ (Martin, Mich.)
The family of a Martin man who was killed Wednesday after being struck by a freight train said their relative did not commit suicide by sitting on the train tracks. Read more.

Plainsboro man accused of sexually assaulting teen seeks to throw confession out (Westfield, N.J.)
A man with a mild form of autism maintained his condition prevented him from understanding his Miranda rights, and contended during a hearing in Superior Court in Elizabeth that the taped confession in which he admits to a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old Westfield girl be thrown out. Read more.

South Park Students Tape Teachers, Principals To Wall For Autism Fundraiser (South Park, Penn.)
The third annual “Tape Your Teacher” fundraising event was held on Wednesday at South Park Middle School. Read more.

In Your Child’s Shoes (Parenting.blogs.nytimes.com)
I believe parents can often sense what their children are feeling. I suspect we can’t do that as often as we think we can. That’s particularly true as they grow older, and deliberately hide things from us, and also when life throws them challenges we have never faced. Read more.

  1. June 12, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    I have a grandson who just turned 17 so I would like to know if there is
    any advancement towards what causes autism. I am here in Memphis, Tn and
    as far as I know there is no schools for learning other than the public schools.
    Mainly due to, I think, no one knows how. Do you know of any school or therapy
    here in Memphis that could help him? Thank you, Geraldine Dean

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