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Autism in the News – Wednesday, 06.23.10

WSU researchers find mothers of children with autism pay price in workplace (Vancouver, Wash.)
Mothers of children with autism see their careers disproportionally affected as they confront greater demands on their time, inflexible workplaces and increased medical costs, according to a new study by researchers at Washington State University Vancouver. Read more.

Whisconier Field Day Raises Money for Autism Cause (Brookfield, Conn.)
About 200 Brookfield Whisconier Middle School fifth- and sixth-grade students played games, ate food and listened to music after the academic day ended this last Wednesday during a field day to raise money to address autism. Read more.

NY lawmakers vote to mandate autism coverage (Albany, N.Y.)
New York lawmakers have approved legislation to require health insurance companies to provide coverage for screening, diagnosis and lifetime treatment of autism spectrum disorders. Read more.

Autism stretches schools (Australia)
Victoria’s education system is being stretched by a huge increase in the number of students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Read more.

Epilepsy, A Disease (Pakistan)
Epilepsy is a type of situation where a person has a sustained performance, abnormal neurons of the brain that cause mental disorders and ways to increase or decrease in the work of the brain.
While symptoms include oblivious to stare at the other, conversation and behavior problems such as noisy self-satisfaction, head jerking, language problems, lack of interest, lack of social awareness and an inability to understand others feelings. Read more.

Stone Oak resident claims HOA harassment over porch gate to protect autistic son (Stone Oak, Texas)
A Stone Oak woman says she’s being harassed by neighbors and the homeowners association for having a child with special needs. It’s a nasty fight that has been brewing for more than a year now over a small white picket gate that the Colquhoun family says is needed for their child’s safety. Read more.

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