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Autism in the News – Thursday, 07.08.10

Dr. Temple Grandin to make her third visit to Dixon for Autism-Asperger’s Super Conference (Dixon, Ill.)
Dixon will hold its 5th Autism Conference at the historic Dixon Theatre on Thursday, July 22nd and Friday July 23rd. The public has the rare opportunity to hear four fantastic speakers on Autism-Asperger’s; and the conference is highly recommended for family members, psychologists, counselors, teachers, social workers, special education teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and paraprofessionals. Read more.

Antipsychotic Drugs Prescribed For Children Linked to Weight Gain (Voice of America News)
Researchers have found that some antipsychotic drugs frequently prescribed for children and teenagers are causing them to gain a disturbing amount of weight. And that puts them at risk for diabetes and heart disease later in life.  While doctors have known for some time that these types of medications cause weight gain in adults, there has been little research until now on how they affect kids and teens. Read more.

Military families with autistic children file lawsuit against DoD for refusing coverage for ABA therapy (The Medical News)
Military families having children with autism have filed a class action lawsuit against the Department of Defense, alleging that the DoD and its health benefits division, TRICARE, have wrongfully refused to provide insurance coverage for applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy.  In a dramatic new development, the Department of Defense has vacated its prior policy of denying payment for ABA therapy for autistic children of military families, but it is still refusing to pay for such claims. Read more.

Thousands of parents and children take part in first Big Toddle at Chester Zoo (UK)
More than 4,000 miniature pirates and their minders turned out to take part in Barnardo’s Big Toddle at Chester Zoo this week – a massive four day fundraising event in aid of Barnardo’s early-years work. Read more.

Plea to halt plan to build on school field (UK)
Governors at a Kidderminster school are rallying parents and neighbouring residents to object to plans to build a residential block for children with autism on the playing field. Read more.

Is Sitting While Autistic a Crime? (Newsweek)
Law-enforcement officials often misinterpret the language and behavior of people on the autism spectrum, with serious consequences. One activist hopes to change that. Read more.

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