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Autism in the News – Friday, 07.09.10

2 charged after boy left on Richmond school bus (Richmond, Va.)
A substitute driver and a monitor face felony child neglect charges after a 5-year-old boy was left on a Richmond school bus for about an hour. Read more.

Eden Announces Plans for New School in Fort Myers (Fort Myers, Fla.)
Eden Autism Services Florida, the Naples-based division of New Jersey non-profit Eden Autism Services, is planning a school for children with autism in Fort Myers. It currently operates a school in Naples, and adult programs with facilities and group homes in Naples, Fort Myers and Cape Coral. Read more.

Camp pairs children with Autism with typical peers (WHYY)
The long hot days of summer can pose challenges for families of special needs children. Parents have to find activities or camps where their child feels safe, welcome, and continues to learn. A new camp at Saint Joseph’s University is trying a unique approach.  It’s especially designed to accommodate children with autism and pairs them with their typical peers. Maiken Scott reports from WHYY’s Behavioral Health desk. Read more.

Africa: Child-witchcraft or Autism symptoms? (AFRIKK-NEWS)
Across Sub-Sahara Africa, children from underprivileged backgrounds who sometimes exhibit symptoms of Autism, are often labeled as witches or wizards, and victimized – poisoned, drowned, hacked to death with machetes or buried alive in an attempt to deliver their soul from the snare of the ‘devil’. Read more.

An education in development, and understanding (The Star)
Most Canadians are familiar with Dr. Fraser Mustard’s research into the importance of early childhood brain development for health, behaviour, learning and quality of life. National and provincial governments have committed resources to programs that encourage education and social stimulation in those early years. Read more.

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