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Autism in the News – Monday, 07.12.10

Students, Meet Your New Teacher, Mr. Robot (NYT.com)
The boy, a dark-haired 6-year-old, is playing with a new companion. Read more.

NASA Teaches Children to Embrace Science (UCF Today)
Even as uncertainty looms over the future of U.S. space exploration, NASA staff was in Orlando on Saturday, encouraging children to embrace science, math and technology. Read more.

Mr. Robot Teaches Class (Tech Jackal)
The University of Southern California is steadily working on a new project that could change the way our children and grandchildren learn. The RUBI project is an ongoing mission to design robots that can educate people in various subjects. Read more.

Australian teacher sues, says larynx was damaged from yelling at children (Toronto Sun)
An Australian teacher is suing the government for the equivalent of $360,000 because she said her larynx has been damaged from yelling at her students. Read more.

People with disabilities face health care challenges (Fort Worth Business Press)
In Texas, there are roughly 2.7 million individuals who have a disability of some kind. Read more.

Young adults with Asperger’s syndrome struggle to find jobs (Columbus Dispatch)
Her resume attracted plenty of attention. Hospitals, technology companies and a major research organization indicated that Chelsea Ridenour – computer and math whiz, summa cum laude graduate of Capital University – looked good on paper. Some called for interviews. Read more.


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