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Autism in the News – Monday, 07.26.10

Disabilities act anniversary, but there’s still long way to go (msnbc.com)
James Hill was fired from his job several years ago because of visible disfigurements from a fire that left him burnt over 85 percent of his body. Read more.

They just can’t stand it: The smallest things bother kids with sensory processing disorder, but skeptics scoff at the diagnosis (Kentucky.com)
It’s unbearable to wear clothing with tags. It’s impossible to use scissors, no matter how many times you try. All mushy or soft foods are unbearable – not because of the flavor, but the consistency. Read more.

Laughter lines (UK)
Comedy script writer Dean Wilkinson tells Lucy Richardson about his passion for children’s entertainment and why he’s creating the new Wombles on Teesside. Read more.

Katy is poised to take to the air (UK)
A teenager who suffers from cerebral palsy is preparing to leap from a plane to raise money for a north-east residential school. Read more.

Motorola accused of poisoning workers and their kids (Techeye.net)
Maker of the Razr phone, Motorola has been accused of poisoning its workers and their children. According to the Sun Times, a group of former Motorola workers and their children claimed toxic substances used to make Motorola products caused serious birth defects in at least 30 children born to workers employed by the company since the 1960s. More than  71 people have filed the suit in Cook County Circuit Court. Read more.

Making physical education fun for children with autism (The Brownsville Herald)
Betty always had lots of energy for the children in Room 103. She was the adapted physical education teacher for the special education program there. Betty came every Tuesday and Thursday, rarely missing even a day with these children. At the beginning of the year, she saw that the class had a couple of new students. Read more.

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