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Autism in the News – Tuesday, 08.03.10

Welcome celebration of carers’ hard work (UK)
Carers who offer a lifeline to relatives and friends have been praised at a special reception marking their outstanding and selfless dedication. Read more.

Kids have a ball at special camp (Tailmadge, Ohio)
Sports camps have become very specialized. If parents want their child to work on basketball skills, then a basketball camp for their child’s age group and level is the ticket. The same goes for other sports. Read more.

New principal takes helm at Robertsdale Elementary (Robertsdale, Ala.)
With the motto “What I think, I can say, What I say, I can write, What I write, I can read,” Faye Sheppard, new Robertsdale Elementary School principal, hopes to inspire her teachers and their students to reach for the stars in the upcoming 2010-11 school year. Read more.

Marathon men complete their epic run (UK)
Tears, cheers and hugs greeted two Irish charity runners as they completed a 32 marathons across 32 counties in 32 days. Read more.

Russ Springer says he can bring calm to Reds as reliever (Pittsburgh, Penn.)
After last season, Russ Springer knew if he wanted a job pitching he could get one. He had a solid year in 2009. He pitched in 74 games, putting up a 4.11 ERA in time with Oakland and Tampa Bay. Read more.

Some traits of autism inherited, study shows (MSNBC)
Close relatives of people with autism often have subtle differences in the way they move their eyes, researchers said on Monday in a finding that might help doctors better diagnose and treat the condition. Read more

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