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Autism in the News – Wednesday, 08.04.10

Parents Of Grown Offspring With Autism More Likely To Split Up (Medical News Today)
The parents of grown children with autism are more likely to divorce than couples with typically developing children, according to new data from a large longitudinal study of families of adolescents and adults with autism. Read more.

Supporters cheer new autism law (MetroWest Daily News)
Parents of children with autism had a financial burden lifted from their shoulders yesterday with the signing of a new law requiring insurance companies to cover the cost of treatment and therapy for children diagnosed with autism. Read more.

Autistic boy and grandma rescued in Lindley pond drama (UK)
A good samaritan leapt into a murky fishing pond to rescue a stranded autistic boy and his terrified grandmother. Read more.

Parents to school: Allow service dog for autistic son (Tuscumbia, Ala.)
Joel and Lisa Kendrick are gearing up to send their son, Hudson, to Deshler Middle School next week. The Tuscumbia couple isn’t sure, though, whether the school will open its doors for Hudson’s service dog. Read more.

Woods Services employee charged with alleged murder of autistic man (Middletown, Penn.)
An employee of Woods Services, a residential facility for people with developmental disabilities and behavioral problems, was charged yesterday in the death of an autistic man who was left in a locked van on one of the hottest days of the year last week. Read more.

Adults with autism need housing options (myCentralJersey.com)
I am writing about the survey that was conducted by Autism NJ asking parents and caregivers what kind of help was need for their children. I was not a participant in this survey, however I hope the parents that did participate addressed the housing problem for when their children become adults, which is not that many years away. Read more.

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