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Autism in the News – Tuesday, 08.10.10

Parents cleared of starving ‘fussy eater’ (UK)
The parents of a fussy-eating toddler who was taken into care over allegations he was being starved have finally cleared their names after a nightmare year-long battle with social services. Read more.

Day program opens for those with severe autism (Maryland Heights, Miss.)
Tommy Ney, 21, rolled an exercise ball back and forth to his caregiver, Ed Calvin, on a recent Thursday afternoon at a physical therapy room in Maryland Heights. Read more.

Surf’s up for a wild weekend of girls-only fun (Ireland)
It’s wild, it’s wet and it’s taking Ireland by storm — surfing is gaining huge popularity around the country and for lots of different reasons. Read more.

Passion the only requirement (Australia)
Spend some time with teachers who work with children in special-needs education and you soon realise how dedicated and passionate they are. Riverstone High School is funded for 52 special-education places in four Learning Support classes. Read more.

Autistic Miramar boy’s father talks about restaurant rage attack (Boynton Beach, Fla.)
Richard Bennett is used to the odd looks his family gets when his kids get loud, but he’s never been attacked. Yet on Saturday afternoon, the  Miramar resident, 43, said he “was grabbed by the shirt, pushed backward, wrestled down and hit” by Paul Blankfield, 36, at the Olive Garden restaurant on Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach. Read more.

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