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Autism in the News – Tuesday, 08.24.10

If signed, bill would require insurers to cover autism treatment (Syracuse, N.Y.)
A bill currently awaiting the Governor’s signature is the focus of a passionate debate. If signed, the bill would require health insurance companies to cover the cost of screenings, diagnosis and lifetime treatment of autism. The bill would also require health officials to identify therapy options that have been clinically proven to work. Read more.

Parents of autistic children struggle alone (Dallas, Texas)
Her day might begin at 2 or 3 in the morning, when her 9-year-old autistic daughter, Ashlyn, wakes up next to her. And from that moment on, Jackie Polvado’s life is a full-out sprint. Read more.

3 schools cited for using restraints on unruly kids (DesMoinesRegister)
Teachers in three Iowa school districts have broken new state rules that limit the use of physical force and “timeout” rooms to discipline unruly students, state education records show. Read more.

A Season of Growth and Awe (newsobserver.com)
In the Morris family, this will forever be known as the Summer of Theo – the summer he left behind his aggression and anxiety and fully transformed into a sweet, amazing boy. Read more.

‘Every kid has a right to play’ (Canada)
Zachary Leonard’s mother describes him as a runner who “takes off a lot.” This summer, the nine-year-old boy became one of the city’s newest soccer players. Read more.

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