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Autism in the News – 08.31.10

Autism in the Spotlight (Newsweek)
Health and celebrities are an intoxicating mix. Major disease organizations chronically search for famous faces to represent them—and for good reason. Celebs make a difference. Read more.

A place where sibs of special needs kids can open up (Staten Island, N.Y.)
Don Meyer says siblings of children on the autism spectrum face the same issues and emotions as their parents’, that the two experiences of living with someone with special needs parallel each other, with two major exceptions: Read more.

Donation grants teacher wishes (The Daily Journal)
Many of Valerie Kuhner’s students are visual learners, which led her to the idea of creating instructional videos. There was just one problem: Kuhner couldn’t afford a video camera. Kuhner turned to DonorsChoose.org, a website that allows teachers to post project proposals which donors can then choose to give money toward. She had given up hope since donations weren’t coming through until yesterday morning. Read more.

Success of Grandin film stirs hope in autism community (thecoloradoan)
A raft of Emmys for an HBO movie about Temple Grandin has heartened advocates for autism awareness, who say the CSU professor’s example gives parents hope their autistic children won’t be condemned to a life in the shadows. Read more.

Disabled kids boost life skills with fire service (UK)
Disabled youngsters joined other teens from across Doncaster for a wet and wild firefighting course which could be completed even in their wheelchairs. Read more.

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