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Autism in the News – 09.01.10

Charity night will help fund Disney dream (UK)
A charity night to help a disabled South Tyneside boy achieve his Disney Dream will be held this week. Read more.

Our View: Sharpen your pencils; school starts today (Wausau Daily Herald)
Welcome back to school, class. How did you spend your summer vacation? Students across the area are hearing some variation of those words today, as they take out their sharpened pencils, their fresh notebooks and open their new textbooks. Read more.

Train-stealing fanatic Darius McCollum arrested for 27th time – and this time, it’s a bus (New York Daily News)
Mass transit menace Darius McCollum racked up his 27th arrest in three decades Tuesday by taking a Trailways coach on a cross-state joyride. Read more.

Adam used to sleep for 20 hours a day – now he’s ‘fizzing’ with energy (Australia)
The family of a disabled boy who would sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day said it was a “miracle” he was now bursting with energy. Swansea six-year-old Adam Bancroft’s life has been turned around after his parents Georgina, aged 41, and 44-year-old Steve fought for him to have specialist treatment. Read more.

Sports programs for developmentally disabled springing up in Montgomery County (Gazette.net)
In a session with his speech pathologist last year, without being asked, Connor O’Brien, 6, looked up from a book and did something surprising. Read more.

  1. lynn
    September 2, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    My grandson who was just 6 is diagnosed with ASD. He has little speech though he very much enjoys people and often wants to interact.
    He has now just started having seizures, short but can be 4 in a row. He’s on medication that create side effects.
    Anyone know anything about this that might help? Anything in the news on research about autism and seizures.

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