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Autism in the News – 09.02.10

Specialized approach for Normal Technical schools to foster innovative teaching (Singapore)
Educators say having specialised schools for students in the Normal Technical stream will allow for more innovative teaching. The two new schools will be modelled after Northlight and Assumption Pathway Schools, which take in those who failed their Primary School Leaving Examinations. Read more.

Heart of the West flies high (the-signal.com)
A pony walked steadily across the improvised riding ring. Behind the Icelandic Pony was a beautifully restored fire-engine red cart that carried a solo driver — a brightly smiling young woman. The young woman, Dana Sachs, 23, carefully guided the pony Mookie, through a course of orange cones. This exercise might sound simple, but Sachs was born without arms. She used her feet to hold the reins and expertly guide Mookie through the course. Read more.

Making a Difference (hometownlife.com)
Every day at school Morgan Krupic, Lauren Zwarych and Maddie Kohne interact with autistic students. But until this summer, the three 12 year olds from Novi, Northville and South Lyon, respectively, did not know how serious of disorder it is. Read more.

New vistas for disabled kids (Long Beach, N.Y.)
The lesson begins on the beach with a youngster lying on a surfboard more than twice her size. After some brief orientation, the child, joined by a world-class surfing coach, is soon paddling about 30 yards into the ocean. Read more.

East’s freshman football team creates unity from diversity (DesMoines Register)
East High School’s freshman football team is getting more out of practices and games than drills and stamina. The ninth-grade team this season has learned acceptance and how to rally together, coach Scott Beall said. Read more.

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