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Autism in the News – 09.07.10

Using Videos to Help Diagnose Autism in Babies (TIME)
The causes of autism are still unclear, but evidence is building that early intervention — before age 1 — may help mitigate or even prevent the developmental disorder from occurring in the first place. Making such early treatment more possible, researchers now report a promising new way of detecting autism in infants as young as 14 months. Read more.

Toddlers With Autism May Fix Their Eyes On Geometric Patterns Rather Than Children Playing (Medical News Today)
Children with autism may stare at geometric patterns when they are just 14 months old rather than look at kids playing around or doing yoga, say researchers in an article published in Archives of General Psychiatry. Children without autism prefer looking at other kids doing things, the authors added. Read more.

New private school open for children with autism (Las Vegas, Nev.)
The Autism Academy, near Oakey and Jones, is now open. It is the first and only private academy in the state, that caters to children with autism. Read more.

iPad App aimed at changing autistic children’s lives (Houston, Texas)
While Apple’s iPad is known for its convenience and high-tech capabilities, it’s also being used to help change the lives of autistic children. Read more.

Singing communication (Eustis, Fla.)
Regina Ross-Schmid breaks out singing in order to get into her autistic daughter’s world. Read more.

  1. Angela Moore
    September 9, 2010 at 8:30 am

    Toddlers With Autism May Fix Their Eyes On Geometric Patterns Rather Than Children Playing (Medical News Today)

    Are you kidding me? Parents have been saying this for years! Dr. Rimland even has a video from what appears the 60’s or 70’s showing a mom describing her baby’s fascination with her patterned dress but never making eye contact with her. This is not new news. Focus on something that will help our children instead of regurgitating the same old knowledge. This is very frustrating and my child is only seven and I don’t want to read about this for the next seven years. It may help new parents but seriously, it’s old news!

  2. Katie Wright
    September 9, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    I agree Angela. When we all know families struggling to pay for the most basic of therapies it is so offensive to read of so much waste within autism research.

    How much $ do they need to spend to find out things we already know or facts that have no utility. Everyone knows that toddlers who fixate on objects or patterns are exhibiting risk factors.

    Let’s move on and spend $ in ways our children can benefit and lead higher quality lives!

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