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Autism Speaks Participates in Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day

Autism Speaks' president Mark Roithmayr with Matt Gilroy of the New York Rangers

On September 13, Autism Speaks participated for the first time in Cantor Fitzgerald’s Charity Day, established while the leading global financial services firm rebuilt following the World Trade Center attacks. Held annually on or near September 11, Charity Day memorializes the employees who lost their lives and honors their surviving families. Cantor Fitzgerald and its affiliate, BGC Partners, donate their global revenues for the day to selected charities. This year they raised approximately $13 million on Charity Day worldwide. “We are honored to participate in this important annual event,” said Autism Speaks’ President Mark Roithmayr, “and grateful that families with autism will benefit from the generosity shown here today.” Special thanks to Shawn Matthews,  Chief Executive Officer of Cantor Fitzgerald, Inc., for making our participation possible, and thank you to Matt Gilroy of the New York Rangers for participating on our behalf and generating so much excitement on the trading floor. Matt has been involved with Autism Speaks since his Boston University days, when he attended our Greater Boston Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Stay tuned for Matt’s next gig with Autism Speaks!

  1. Marisa Rushin
    September 17, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    I find it very interesting that Cantor had a charity day and the proceeds went to Autism that’s great. My husband worked for this company for 5 years, and unfortunately got laid off, he had a contract that he should have been paid for 12 months, which they did not honor which meant that my son, 6 years old with Autism, lost his home and all of his therapies which he needs. Maybe they should also have the saying charity starts at home, but this would not of given such good press I suppose.

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