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Autism in the News – Tuesday, 10.05.10

Baseball Walks for Autism, Receives Support from Dayton and Fordham (Kingston, R.I.)
On Saturday, Oct. 2, the Rhode Island baseball team took part in the 2010 Southern New England Walk Now for Autism Speaks event, held at Colt State Park in Bristol, R.I. It marked the fourth consecutive year that the Rams participated in the walk. Read more.

Ozark Center for Autism offering new programs (St. Louis Today)
Hope soars with just a few words. “She said bye-bye for the first time last month,” said Shain Jordan in reference to his 4 1/2-year-old autistic daughter. Read more.

Siblings of A Child With Autism Often Have Subtler Problems (NPR)
Children with autism tend to have brothers and sisters with language delays and other, less obvious characteristics of the disorder. Read more.

Local children to receive advanced medical care in Waterloo Region from newly recruited specialists (Canada)
Exciting advancements in specialized medical care for children with special needs were announced at KidsAbility Centre for Child Development today, including plans that are currently underway to open a new site in Kitchener in Spring 2011. Read more.

The bullying has to stop (Silver Spring, Md.)
I heard something appalling on television this morning. I was watching a Today Show segment about a father who verbally unleashed on a school bus full of kids- kids his daughter with cerebral palsy accused of teasing her. While watching this sad story unfold, I saw a terrible statistic. Read more.

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