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Autism in the News – Wednesday, 10.06.10

Parents Testify Before Lawmakers On Autism Coverage (WLNS)
Tuesday a panel of parents and experts testified before state lawmakers in an effort to help get Michigan to require health insurers to cover treatment for autism. Read more.

Researchers Develop Autism Phone App (Athens, Ga.)
University of Georgia researchers have received more than a million dollars to develop a mobile phone application for people with autism and developmental disabilities. Read more.

Nazareth builds its health-care muscle (Rochester City Newspaper)
Dontay McCray was 17 when a serious automobile accident made him a quadriplegic. “It broke my neck and bruised my spinal cord,” he says. “It left me with limited movement in my hands and legs.” Read more.

Exclusive: First Autistic Presidential Appointee Speaks Out (Wired)
When Ari Ne’eman walked onstage at a college campus in Pennsylvania in June, he looked like a handsome young rabbi presiding over the bar mitzvah of a young Talmudic scholar. Read more.

Family fun during Autism Awareness Week (UK)
Sporty children with special needs enjoyed plenty of excitement at a fun-filled activity day as the town hosted its first Autism Awareness Week. Read more.

  1. Dadvocate
    October 6, 2010 at 11:45 am

    Well, it didn’t take long for Ari Ne’eman to start bashing Autism Speaks with distortions and untruths from his new bully pulpit. Can’t say I’m surprised in the least, though.

    “The core of the dispute between autistic people and Autism Speaks is a problem that’s very common in the disability community: organizations that claim to speak for disabled people without including them in the conversation. Groups like Autism Speaks have taken tremendous amounts of money out of local communities, but haven’t included the people they claim to be serving in their decision-making structure. Promoting fear of autism and pity for autistic people may be good for their bottom line, but it actually hurts us in our efforts to have the kind of lives we deserve to have.”

    What a crock. My son and thousands of others have no dispute at all with AS mission or operations. Raising 1.6mm for research in a single night? Bravo!

    “Autism Speaks raises lots of money through their walks for a cure, but only four cents on every dollar goes to services for autistic individuals and families. That’s surprising and concerning, given the kinds of challenges that people are facing in today’s fiscal climate with state budget cuts leading to the gutting of services. Instead, the money goes to advance Autism Speaks’ research and advertising agendas.”

    Ari knows quite well that the AS mission is not service driven, rather it’s funding research, awareness, and advocacy. Cheap shot in my view.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this guy is wholly unsuited and unqualified to hold this position. His extremist views are harmful to many in the autism community who are unable to function at his level of independence.

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