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Autism in the News – 10.08.10

Siblings of Autistic Children May Share Some Symptoms (U.S. News)
Autism seems to play a genetically inspired hide-and-seek game in some families. Undiagnosed siblings in families that include two or more children with autism often grapple with language delays, social difficulties and other mild symptoms of the disorder, a new study suggests. Read more.

Eden school ribbon cutting scheduled for October 11 (Fort Myers, Fla.)
A formal ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open a school for children with autism will be held on Oct. 11, 10 a.m. at Eden Autism Services Florida, located at First Presbyterian Church, 2438 2nd Street in Fort Myers. Eden Autism Services’ president and CEO Tom McCool, Eden Florida executive director Susan Suarez, representatives from First Presbyterian Church where the school is located, and parents plan to attend and speak. Read more.

Jackson sophomore works with hidden disability (Jackson, Mo.)
The Jackson School District wrapped up Disability Awareness Week on Friday, highlighting students with hidden disabilities. Read more.

Boy walks to aid church where parents wed (New Zealand)
A Darfield boy will walk 40 kilometres to overcome his fear of earthquakes and raise money for the damaged church his parents were married in. Read more.

FdL school district purchased more than $25,000 worth of Apple iPads (Oshkosh, Wis.)
The purchase of more than $25,000 worth of Apple iPads is meant to help kids learn and keep administrators on the move, says the superintendent of Fond du Lac schools. Read more.

  1. Addie Williams
    October 9, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    My son has autism. He was diagnosed at 3 years old and he’s now 12 and in the 7th grade. He’s been in the inclusion program, where he goes to a regular class with a para professional in the classroom to assist him. This has worked for him until the 4th grade, when it started going downhill. He wasn’t getting good coverage and the story continues. I’ve been trying to get him a one on one para, but that hasn’t happened… will not happen because of budget cuts and all of that. In the IEP meetings, they always sugar-coat about the services they will provide for him, but my son is basically on his own throughout the day, with no support. I’m so tired of fighting a no/win battle. What can I do to demand the support my son needs, everything I’ve done is just not working. The Unified School Districts should not continue to get away with this and budget cuts shouldn’t have anything to do with my son getting a good education. He needs assistance and he’s not getting it the way he should be getting it in order to succeed. They are setting my son up to fail and I have serious issues with that! I’ve even started going to my son’s classes and being his para myself… but I’m not getting paid to do that and don’t feel I should have to do that when there are other people who are getting paid to not do what they should be doing.

    I’m so frustrated about this and don’t know what else to do on this. I’ve written a letter to the Superintendent of Schools, for him to only forward my email to someone else to contact me and no results… still, nothing happened. I’m so sick of this crap…. can anyone help me with some good information with good results??? Thank you!

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