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Autism in the News – Wednesday, 10.27.10

Hair salon owners decide they can make a difference (Blakeny, N.C.)
Pigtails and Crewcuts in Blakeney is a hair salon that caters to children, with a specific interest in serving children with special needs. Read more.

Law groups file class action on behalf of special needs students (The Louisiana Record)
Four Louisiana law advocacy groups announced their civil rights lawsuit against the Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) on behalf of special needs students in New Orleans. Read more.

Dog treats help teach disabled youths skills (Mesa, Ariz)
Armando Galvan, Brandon Ulman and A.J. Stroud are gathered around a table, engrossed in a task 20-something men typically do not perform: kneading, rolling and cutting dough. Read more.

‘Perfect’ school for autistic son faces shutdown (Canada)
Some days, after school, Carrie Cassidy’s autistic son will wander off by himself and worry her until he’s back in her sight. The other parents and children at Champlain Heights Annex know her son, Stuary Isnardy, and help keep an eye on him. Read more.

Home worker suspended over alleged assault (UK)
AN investigation is under way into the alleged assault of an elderly resident at a North-East care home. Read more.

  1. murphyrudd
    October 28, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Just read about small school potentially closing. Have suggestion – Change the school into a specialized autism program, take in students with autism from neighboring school districts, the home district charges for these students and in turn provides specialized autism education (must hire / contract specialists). Now the school is a money maker, and cost effective. Lots of work but could be very worthwhile!!

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