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Autism in the News – Thursday, 11.11.10

For Autistic Children, Therapy on Four Legs (The New York Times)
Shadow, a black Labrador retriever, knows how to interact with people without overreacting to them — a necessity for a well-trained therapy dog, said her owner and handler, Ani Shaker. Read more.

Autism no barrier for New Milford man to aid fallen teen (New Milford, N.J.)
Even though autism affects communication, the disability did not get in the way of Paul DeSavino. The New Milford man went to aid of a youngster he saw lying on the ground in a New Milford park around the corner from the group home where he lives. Read more.

Kinect Helps Father Play With Autistic Son (The Escapist)
The story of developmentally disabled child finally playing videogames with his father is enough to warm my cold, black heart. Read more.

Library Opens Autism Resource Center (Lancaster, Penn.)
The Lancaster Public Library is opening a new autism resource center. The center has about 100 games, 80 DVDs and more than 400 books aimed at helping children and adults with autism or teaching others about the disorder. Read more.

Art Hounds: Autistic License, The 39 Steps and hues of blue (MPR News)
A play that delves into the rigors and rewards of raising a child with autism, a photographer who makes eerie collages that look like blueprints, and a Hitchcock spoof at the Guthrie are all grabbing the hounds attention this week. Read more.

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