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Alpha Xi Delta AmaXIng Challenge

In April 2009, Alpha Xi Delta, one of the nation’s oldest women’s fraternities, officially partnered with Autism Speaks. The sorority and its more than 135,000 members have worked tirelessly to raise autism awareness and financial support for Autism Speaks. For more about the philanthropic efforts of Alpha Xi Delta for Autism Speaks, head over to their official website.

During the week of September 27 through October 2, 2010, the Theta Rho Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta held their 1st Annual AmaXIng Challenge Autism Awareness week at California State University, San Marcos. In an effort to raise funds and awareness for Autism Speaks, the sisters of Theta Rho recruited 11 student organizations to compete for the title of Xi Champions. Throughout the week teams participated in various challenges including a “Penny Wars” team coin drive. Participants also recruited fellow students, staff, and faculty of CSUSM to participate in the Step It Up Campus Walk for Autism kickoff event and recruited family and friends to attend the Spaghetti Dinner and Basket Auction & Raffle Night, the last event of the week. Special Event Guests included Dr. Eloise Stiglitz, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dilcie Perez, Director of Student Life & Leadership, Julie Mattingly, CSUSM Greek Advisor, Kay Curry, Walk Chair for the San Diego Walk for Autism, Daniel Lightfoot, Director of the Autism Tissue Program and affiliate of Autism Speaks, and Krystal Langford and Michael Robinson, Autism Speaks representatives.  Congratulations to Team Lions, on your new title as the 2010 XI Champions!

Approximately 150 people participated in the Step It Up Campus Walk for Autism, and more than 300 guests attended the Spaghetti Dinner and Basket Auction & Raffle Night helping the Theta Rho Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta raise awareness and more than $6500.00 for Autism Speaks! On Saturday, October 2, 2010, Michelle Vogel and Donna Loya, event coordinators of Theta Rho’s AmaXIng Challenge Week of Autism Awareness presented Ms. Kay Curry, the San Diego Walk Chair and Mr. Brian Han, the Southern California Director for Autism Speaks a check for all the funds raised throughout the week of AmaXIng Challenge.

In addition to funds donated to Autism Speaks, through the efforts of many Theta Rho sisters, over $6,300.00 in goods and services were donated to the chapter to help them host a successful event. Donations included items such as drinks and lunches for all Step It Up Walk participants, gift certificates and gift baskets for the basket auction and raffle, and spaghetti, breadsticks and salad for the night of Spaghetti dinner. The support from the local community was excitingly overwhelming. Without the help of many generous donors, Theta Rho’s AmaXIng Challenge Week of Awareness event would not have been possible. The sisters of Theta Rho would like to thank their community supporters for their generosity, their time and their donations. Thank YOU, for helping the sisters of the Theta Rho chapter to realize their potential by making OUR event possible!

If you are a college student, or know someone that is, check out Autism Speaks U!

Autism Speaks U is a program designed to engage college students across the country in autism awareness, advocacy and fundraising efforts. Its new website offers a wide range of tools to empower students to establish Autism Speaks U chapters, organize events, and encourage their peers to get involved. College students, faculty and alumni can get involved with Autism Speaks U by visiting www.autismspeaks.org/u.

  1. Anonymous
    September 2, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    There is a group of people planing to protest at your walk coming up on Sept 13th! I my self have done autism speaks walks before and have never in my life seen anyone protest at these walk i find it very disturbing herHello Everyone! I hope for those of you in the area you will join me to protest against Alpha Xi Delta’s AmaXing Challenge. The campus sorority does this walk for Autism Speaks every year due to the fact that its Head office is one of Autism Speaks largest supporters.

    PLEASE Meet me at the Forum Plaza in front of the Kellogg Library at 11:00 AM. Bring a sign to help me protest against this walk/carnival. For examples of signs please go to:



    (the person in the picture is my friend Ari Ne’eman – he is a person with autism and also the founder of ASAN – Autistic Self Advocacy Network which is an organization that is ran by autistic persons).

    “People not puzzles” is also another good sign for this protest.

    Be Creative just don’t misrepresent yourself…i.e. if you are not autistic don’t make a sign that says “Autism Speaks doesn’t speak for me”

    Here is why I, a person who is not autistic, is protesting:

    1. Autism Speaks is run by parents, advocates, social workers, and the likes but not one of those people has Autism themselves. They say they speak for Autistic People but do not know the harsh realities of living with Autism first-hand. Not one of their board members or any one with any kind of decision making power is Autistic.

    2. The money collected from Autism Speaks walks, other events, and most other forms of monetary giving are only spent on finding a cure. Yes, autism is a disease according to the medical field. However, for the millions of people living with the disease it is just another way of being. While I think it is admirable to want to cure disease I don’t necessarily think that autism needs to be cured but rather accepted – like most disAbilities. The money does not go to autistic people to help them in school, life, or anything else for that matter.

    3. I believe that when you, as a sorority, club, fraternity, organization, or person sign up to help a non-profit organization raise funds you should be aware of the organization as a whole – knowing where the money goes, if the organization actually helps those it says they are helping, and if they have at least a couple of people on the board or in decision making roles that are from that category of people.

    Autism speaks does not speak for autistic persons (or people with autism) but rather speaks for the medical establishment that is frequently profiting from people who need services and help.

    For more information about why everyone should protest against Autism Speaks go here:




    For more information or to contact me you can either message me on facebook, leave a message when you rsvp to this event, or contact me by email at white068@cougars.csusm.edu

    I hope that I can reach as many people in the San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles Area as possible.

    If you come down you can park on campus but will need to buy a parking permit which are available in all parking lots in the machines. Bring cash for the machines….

    Hope to see you there!

    Co-Founder of DREAM – Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring for post-secondary students and Our Alliese is the posting that was posted for the protest

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