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Autism in the News – Thursday, 11.18.10

Autistic teen reported missing in Crystal Lake (Crystal Lake, Ill.)
Police are asking for help in locating a missing northwest suburban teen who suffers from a form of autism told a friend he was driving to New York. Read more.

Connor’s adventure highlights autism danger (Wichita, Kan.)
You probably didn’t want to be out in Wednesday’s snowy weather, but Tuesday’s was different – sunny, warmer, and the perfect opportunity for an adventurous (and autistic) five year old to wander away from his school playground,  and discover the world of west Wichita and its busy streets. Read more.

Autistic boy kicked out of program (Canada)
To Cynthia Boufford, it’s a blatant case of discrimination against a boy with special needs. To organizers of the London after-school program who excluded 12-year-old Boufford’s autistic son, Jordan, after he hit a peer, it’s about keeping kids safe. Read more.

Quentin first service dog in city for autism (The Daily Press)
A dog can be a child’s best friend, but in Philippe Girouard’s case, it will also be his protector. Four years after first learning about the National Service Dog program for those living with autism, the Girouard family wel-comed Quentin, an 18-month-old black labrador into their lives. Read more.

Ralph’s score veers to the vulnerable (Variety)
In the ongoing renaissance of innovative music scoring for documentaries, composer-songwriter J. Ralph, who scored such recent docs as “The Cove” and “Man on Wire” and made song contributions to “Crazy Love,” has certainly played a part. But his scoring work for recently released autism docu “Wretches and Jabberers” has taken on a strange life of its own, birthing a generation- and genre-spanning companion soundtrack after the fact, all composed with a recording philosophy that closely mirrors the film’s subject. Read more.

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