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Autism in the News – Monday, 11.22.10

Edison State College unveils courses to expand autism awareness (Naples News)
Sandra Worth’s son was 3 years old when she and her husband first started to realize something wasn’t quite right. But it took roughly 12 more years of the boy’s life to be diagnosed with autism. Read more.

A different kind of caring (Australia)
Seven-year-old Marc Duggan eagerly awaits his trips to Baptcare each fortnight. It’s his chance to get out and have some fun. Whether he is out bowling or listening to guest speakers, it’s often the only time he gets to act like a normal kid. Read more.

Mac student learns to thrive despite form of autism (My Journal Courier)
Taylor Sweeting has used what some would call an impediment and to become an effective leader. Read more.

Out to play: Parents learn to bridge gap between themselves, child’s autism (Central Michigan Life)
Five-year-old Micah Nickel was diagnosed with autism in the spring of 2009. Immediately, Chris and Jenn Nickel set out to find how to best help their son. The family found the Massachusetts-based Son-Rise program,an organization that looked like the perfect place for Micah. Read more.

Pet dogs can transform lives of the disabled ( UK)
Pet dogs can transform the lives of the disabled, including autistic children, researchers say. There is a growing awareness that dogs can play a key role in ending tantrums in children, reports the Telegraph. Read more.

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  1. sakeya epps
    November 22, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    hello my name is kesha and i have a son who i think is autistic because he can not talk and he going on seven years old and i just dont what to do he is so precious to me and i dont want him to suffer any longer than he has to i feel ashamed to take him places because of this problem im a single parent and i just need to know what is the best place i can go to for help

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