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Autism Talk TV – Episode 11

This is a guest post by Alex Plank, an autistic adult who founded the online community Wrong Planet. Alex is a graduate of George Mason University.

If You Could Say it in Words is a great new film about an autistic protagonist Nelson and his experience with love. The film came out on DVD yesterday, November 23, 2010. In this episode of Autism Talk TV, I switch sides of the camera and get interviewed along with director Nicholas Gray and actors Alvin Keith and Marin Ireland about the project. Nicholas has graciously offered to allow approved nonprofits to screen the film for for benefits and community events.

I first learned about If You Could Say it in Words in October of 2006. I was contacted by the director, Nicholas Gray, who had found my interview of Heather Kuzmich from America’s Next Top Model.

After getting the chance to watch the film, I was very excited. I interviewed Nicholas, and actor Alvin Keith, at my home in Virginia. Shortly after the interview was published, I posted a review of the movie to Wrong Planet, in which I described the film as having “the most authentic portrayal of an autistic person that I’ve ever seen in the movies.” After I had posted these two articles to Wrong Planet, director Nicholas Gray and I became friends. Needless to say, I was very happy when he called me and told me that he had secured a distributor for the film.

Nicholas licensed my documentary ‘autism reality’ to include in the special features of the DVD for If You Could Say it in Words. In addition, he asked me to produce a documentary about the plight of the undiagnosed Aspie.

Nicholas has graciously offered to allow approved nonprofits to screen the film for community events. Some nonprofits have already taken advantage of this program. You can contactAdam Eisenstein if your organization is interested showing If You Could Say it in Words at one of your events. Contact aeisenstein@chipchair.com for more information.

Now, please enjoy episode 11 of Autism Talk TV!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Click here for more information about Autism Talk TV – Episode 11. Check out Alex’s work on Wrongplanet here.


  1. janisaoberman
    January 17, 2011 at 4:42 am

    Shame on you for grabbing my name off of my computer. I just wanted to see if AS had changed its ways since this film was about an undiagnosed adult over 30 years old. But I looked at the links and NO NO NO!!! When are you going to acknowledge us older people? When will you even ALLOW the mainstream media to showcase a documentary about a late diagnosed autistic adult in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s? I’m 52, female and officially diagnosed by more than one professional. Unfortunately, what your discriminatory “AWARENESS” campaign has created is a public which recognizes subtle autistic traits in any adult, regardless of age. Because of this I haven’t had a decently paying job in 10 years. Now every employer has been trained to notice lack of eye contact, tics and answers which wander off topic. Thanks.

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