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Autism in the News – Tuesday, 12.07.10

Teens Win $100,000 For Creating Software To Help Kids With Autism (Disability Scoop)
Two Oregon teens took home the nation’s top high school science prize for developing technology that could help children with autism identify emotion in human speech. Read more.

Autism services to be reformed (UK)
Autistic people will see services brought into the mainstream by changes to the way they are treated, it has been claimed. Reforms would ensure that people with autism in Northern Ireland are included in disability legislation and that comprehensive services are provided to them and their families from their earliest years through the course of their lives on a cross-departmental basis. Read more.

Nixon opens new autism center in east Columbia (The Maneater)
Clipping together a pair of oversized scissors to sever a gold ribbon, Gov. Jay Nixon helped to open a renovated autism treatment center with a new director Friday morning in east Columbia. Read more.

Unique way of showing movie caters to those with autism (Layton, Utah)
A local movie theater continues to partner with the Autism Society to offer a morning at the movies for those affected by autism, sensory issues and other disabilities. Read more.

Newspaper Editor has Asperger’s syndrome (Rocklin & Roseville Today)
A National Institutes of Health website defines Asperger’s syndrome as an autism spectrum disorder milder than autism but sharing symptoms. The person with it may have an obsessive interest in a single object, an inability to read social cues or recognize feelings, a discomfort for unplanned change, and physical clumsiness. It affects boys more than girls. Read more.

Autistic boy’s mom reflects, promotes life-saving device (Canada)
It was one year ago this week that a seven-year-old autistic boy died after being lost in the woods in Cape Breton. Read more.

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