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Autism in the News – 12.16.10

Autism bill moves forward (Charleston, W.Va.)
A bill to mandate insurance coverage for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) took another step forward Wednesday, as the joint Judiciary Committee sent the bill on to the full Legislature with a recommendation to pass it. Read more.

Province to pay for more autism services (Canada)
Ontario has promised to boost services to children with autism disorders this spring, but parents and advocacy groups worry the new funding won’t help those languishing on the province’s lengthy waiting lists. Read more.

White Castle’s Little Candle That Could Lights the Way for Autism Awareness (New York, N.Y.)
White Castle along with NEST Fragrances and Autism Speaks, celebrated the success of the Original Slider®-scented candle with sliders and signature martinis at a press event on December 14 at White Castle’s 8th Avenue location. Read more.

Dads of kids with autism identify their unique ‘moments’ (NorthJersey.com)
Raising a child with Asperger’s syndrome is a challenge above and beyond traditional parenting, especially for fathers, who until recently have been a minority among caretakers who attend meetings and support groups. Read more.

Queensland Minister calls for national reporting register for autism services (Australia)
Queensland Disability Services Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk has called for a national register of autism service locations. Read more.


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