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Autism in the News – Friday, 12.17.10

Proximity to freeways increases autism risk, study finds (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Children born to mothers who live close to freeways have twice the risk of autism, researchers reported Thursday. The study, its authors say, adds to evidence suggesting that certain environmental exposures could play a role in causing the disorder in some children. Read more.

Autism Intervention Improves Social and Communication Skills in Toddlers (MedScape Today)
Early intervention aimed at teaching very young children with autism spectrum disorders how to interact socially can improve the core symptoms of the disorder, according to a new study published online December 8 in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Read more.

Elgin students step up to help autistic classmate (Green Camp ,Ohio)
Cataya Thornton, a behavioral technician who works with an autistic student at Elgin Junior High School, was originally seeking a few students who would be willing to interact with the student. Read more.

Elmer Smith: Students’ work with autistic kids has lasting impact (Philadelphia Daily News)
This is another in our series about people who see a need and work to meet it. If you know about people who make things happen, let me know and I will share their stories with our readers.Read more.

New guidance to improve health of adults with autism (UK)
Speaking at the National Autistic Society Conference, Mr Burstow will outline the publication of statutory guidance which sets a clear direction for how health and social care services should implement the autism strategy: `Fulfilling and rewarding lives´ and make improvements across areas such as. Read more.

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