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Thanks to our Puzzlebuilder Scientist!

Autism Speaks would like to express our gratitude to the amazing scientists who have participated in Puzzlebuilder!

A big thank you to:

Francis Collins M.D., Ph.D.

Craig Newshaffer Ph.D.

Ezra Susser M.C., Dr.P.H.

Roberto Tuchman M.D.

Stephen T. Warren Ph.D.

Eric Courchesne Ph.D.

For more information about Puzzlebuilder click here!

  1. Linda Alwine
    December 18, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    I have a 35 year old son that for many years had difficulty with expressing himself. He was diagnosed with learning disablities. For mamy years we kept saying that he acted as though it was a form of autism. After many painful years of trying to help him and trying to convince the schools that my son had real problems,he was finally diagnosed with autism. Before anyone knew about specific treatments or ways to help him, I spent many hours working with my son. He is considered a higher functioning adult with autism. He can only focus on one task at a time. It is difficult for him to get a job outside of the workday program he attends . His favorite thing is taking care of cats. He has two cats that he loves and provides care for everyday. I understand the pain and frustration that parents have to live through everyday. But because of my son I am a very patient person. He is my gift, my blessing. I am here to support Autism speaks and feel very strongly about this issue. I feel at times it is still misunderstood. Thank goodness for the Autism division on my state that I reside and the individuals who are there for us.

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