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Autism in the News – 12.28.10

Family autism night gives support to Edmonton parents and siblings (Canada)
Sultan Armoush pinches, hits and shrieks. He jumps up and down on the couch, flails his hands, claps loudly, and paces back and forth around the room. The eight-year-old settles down momentarily when he is promised a chance to go swimming, but before long he is up again. Read more.

Autism and Holiday Bonding (EmpowHer)
These days I work with children who have autism or are on the autistic spectrum. Many of the students I work with are non-verbal, meaning they literally do not speak. During the weeks leading up to the holidays, a tremendous number of holiday-themed activities took place at our school; everything from stories to field trips about the holidays, plays and movies, art projects and discussions and even helping out at a food donation center. Read more.

Autism and stress: 5 excuses NOT to get your own therapist debunked (SF Gate)
I was a part time pharmaceutical rep with a one and a half year old at home the first time I got really sick, sicker than I had ever been. I remember walking up a flight of stairs carrying my detail bag full of Advil and The Today Sponge (yes, I know this dates me) and feeling so weak that I had to sit down until I felt strong enough to go down the stairs in search of a pay phone so I could call my husband. Read more.

Early Intervention critical for Autism Care (Monmouth, N.J.)
John Mattan is a child like many others. He enjoys playing with his little sister, Molly. He even drew a picture of the two of them holding hands with a caption that read, “John and Molly BFFs.” But John also has a disease that is becoming increasingly diagnosed — autism. Read more.

The 61-Marathon Man (NBC Los Angeles)
Sam Felsenfeld came a long way in 2010 — about 26 miles at a time. He ran 61 marathons as part of “Operation Jack,” an effort to raise autism awareness. Read more.

Take the icy plunge for a good cause (Staten Island, N.Y.)
It’s the cool thing to do. Keith Gill of Willowbrook will be starting the year off with a good deed and he is encouraging others to join him. It does, however, involve braving the elements. Read more.

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