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Autism in the News – 12.29.10

Beal City: Small school, big on education (The Morning Sun)
Beal City Public School may be small, but historically, small forces have been known to surprise people.David conquered Goliath, Appalachian State beat the University of Michigan in football in 2007, and Beal City gave away more than $500,000 in scholarships to 40 students last year. Read More.

Expert on behavior coming to Virginia (Culpeper, Va.)
Temple Grandin is the featured speaker at Virginia Forage and Grassland Council and Virginia Cooperative Extension beef programs in January. Known as an international expert in animal behavior, Dr Grandin designs livestock handling facilities and is a Professor of Animal Science atColorado State.   She is scheduled as the keynote speaker at three regional beef meetings Jan. 18, 19 and 20 addressing the theme: “Essential Topics in Animal Agriculture: What Farmers Need to Know”. Read more.

Stating New Year’s intentions (Adalusia Star News)
My daughter likes calendars. She has one hanging in her room to keep track of the days I suppose. Since autism limits her ability to communicate, I can only guess why calendars are important to her. Read more.

Kindness toward needy family a Christmas miracle (Pocono Record)
This year I experienced the true meaning of Christmas. After discovering one of my students with autism was coming to school with no jacket, that Mom was struggling financially, and they were not going to be celebrating Christmas, I quickly jumped into action. Read more.

Friend to Friend: Students Help Their Special Ed Peers Learn to Fit In (Plainfield, Ill.)
Juniors Myles Walters and Deontre’ Brown stand before the class and demonstrate the proper way to greet another student. Read more.

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