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Good “Karma” for Autism Speaks

July 21, 2010 1 comment

The August 2010 issue of Redbook gives a shout-out to Autism Speaks and an awesome app you can download to support us while you shop – CauseWorld. If you have an iPhone or Android, download CauseWorld and start earning “karmas,” which turn into donations. Check it out and tell us what you think.


Light It Up Blue on Your Mobile!

Autism Speaks has partnered with several mobile apps to allow you to “Light It Up Blue” and bring even more awareness to autism!


CauseWorld is a mobile application that lets you help the world while you shop!

All you need to do is walk into one of the many stores you most likely frequent anyway, such as common grocers, hardware stores, department stores, and many others. Pull out your phone, open the app, and check in. No purchase is required. By checking in, you earn karmas from our sponsors. Donate those karmas for to Autism Speaks or other causes that you care about! CauseWorld is available on the iPhone and Android phones.

The Extraordinaries

Do something extraordinary by documenting autism awareness or how you are lighting it up blue! iPhone only for now.

Fight Lights

Shine your light blue to commemorate Autism Awareness Day on Friday, April 2. Download color #10 on the Fight Lights color picker and taking action to raise awareness about autism in our communities. A percentage of proceeds will go to Autism Speaks for the entire month of April as Fight Lights encourages all fans to fight for autism awareness and shine a blue light wherever they are! iPhone only for now.


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