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Weekly Whirl – Tattoo Time!

January 13, 2012 22 comments

If anyone knows how hectic life can get – WE DO! That’s why we have created the Autism Speaks Weekly Whirl to fill you in on all of the highlights of the week! The last thing we want is for you to be left out of the loop! Please share with friends and family to spread the word about all of the exciting things going on in the autism community. Keep in mind, these updates aren’t limited to Autism Speaks — we will be featuring news from across the community.

Who says you can’t be creative with spreading autism awareness? These awesome folks submitted photos of their tattoos – yes, you read correctly, TATTOOS for their loved ones who have autism. Have a look, tell us what you think!

Melissa Fuller

“For my son Brayden. Just done yesterday. Done in invisible ink that will glow. The tattoo artist said people wil wonder where the key is, I said we are still searching for it.”

Julie Burke

“♥ :)”

Jennifer Rae Sawyer

“Got this for my middle child, Isaiah, who has autism. He is such a blessing! :)”


Korban Trautman

“Got this for my brother a few years ago, just felt like sharing.”

Tim Greninger

“For my God Daughter…..”


Puzzle of the Heart

November 3, 2011 6 comments

Puzzle of the Heart - Taylor Crowe

Taylor Crowe and his father David are on a 2,200 mile quest of the heart.

Taylor is an artist, and a good one. He’s not just talented, he is incredible. 2 years ago, he spoke eloquently at Autism Speaks “Tip off for a Cure” event, charming us with his stories, enthusiasm and creativity.

Today, Taylor and David visited our offices to present a truly remarkable creation – a painting of epic proportions (it barely fit into their mini-van) that comes with a brilliant explanation about the autism community.

“The hearts show the feelings that people with autism have that many people don’t realize that they have. They also show the feelings that parents, and mentors, and other people show for working with people with autism.”

In talking with Taylor after the presentation, we learned that he’s on his way to speak at a LoveU2Pieces conference – if you are in the St. Louis area, be sure to attend!

Watch as Taylor presented “Puzzle of the Heart” and talks about the meaning behind the art:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Get Quick Assistance

August 2, 2011 1 comment

The Family Services Department at Autism Speaks will now offer online Office Hours each Wednesday, starting Aug 3, 2011, from 1:00-2:30 pm.

Office Hours, a new resource available on the web at will easily connect families to a wide variety of autism-related resources, including Family Services’ Toolkits, and the Autism Speaks Resource Guide, an online national database of autism providers and resources searchable by state and zip code. Family Services’ Office Hours is designed to quickly provide access to resources that are available and free to the entire autism community.

“Having a family member with autism can easily lead to feeling isolated without knowing where to turn. In addition, most families have little free time to search for reliable information about autism, yet they may be in need of timely information. Office Hours offers a quick connection to the Autism Response Team(ART) who can assist you in getting the information you need as quickly as possible,” states Marianne Sullivan, Assistant Director of National Outreach and Resources.

The Office Hours resource is staffed by ART—who are specially trained to connect with families about autism resources.

In addition to Office Hours, ART is available by telephone during usual business hours at 888-AUTISM 2 (888-288-4762). Also, you can reach ART by email at:

To participate in Office Hours visit here.

Here is a list of Tool Kits our Family Services Team offers:

100 Day Kit

Manual de los 100 Días

School Community Tool Kit

Tips for Successful Haircuts

Transition Tool Kit

Zev Glassenberg, the Artist!

February 26, 2011 4 comments

Zev Glassenberg, star of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business, is a busy guy! When he is not off exploring the globe and participating in a massive scavenger hunt, he finds time for his art. Zev is a talented artist, that uses innovative techniques to create some amazing work. Zev will paint different types of canvas, than use a giant hole-punch to cut out circles. From there, he assembles a mosaic to form different objects. Here are a few to check out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

‘The Amazing Race:Unfinished Business,’ returns to a cast of familiar faces looking to make good on their mistakes. Tune in on Sunday, 8/7  EST, on CBS.

Catch up with Zev Glassenber and Justin Kanew in our exclusive interview here!


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