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Top Ten Reasons To Buy This Candle

  1. Everyone else is buying mom flowers for Mother’s Day this Sunday.

  3. Febreze doesn’t come in “burger” yet. You long for the scent of sliders and onions in your living room.

  5. You named your kids Harold and Kumar. 

  7. Saturday night is date night with your wife. (And candelight ups the romance factor.)

  9. May is National Hamburger Month (which is second only to Autism Awareness Month).

  11. It’s your new boyfriend’s birthday.  You know … the fastest way to his heart is through his stomach (…or his nose).

  13. You’re on the South Beach Diet – and miss your fast food fix.

  15. It’s sold out online, so it gives you another reason to grab lunch at White Castle.

  17. Your office deserves to smell delicious, too! If you spend $25 in the House of Crave, you get the air freshener for free.

  19. Every $10 White Castle candle sold benefits Autism Speaks.

 Special thanks to those who made this happen – our corporate partner White Castle, Autism Speaks’ board member, Laura Slatkin, and her company, NEST Fragrances. Laura and her husband, Harry, who founded the New York Center for Autism, have a son with autism. The Slatkins are long-time supporters of Autism Speaks.


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