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ING New York City Marathon Featured Runner, Rebecca Babb

October 10, 2011 13 comments

Rebecca, Becca, Janie, BSB, Goose. These are just some of the many names I go by in my day to day life. But by far, my most prized name would have to be “Mommy”. I’m a single mom of the worlds two most amazing little boys ever, Kadin aged seven and Cowan who is five. I feel everything I really need to remember about life, I learn from them. Two years ago this November, I heard the words that would forever change my life and I’m positive? in turn will change the world. The words “Yes, your son is autistic, has epilepsy and ADHD.” I left that appointment having no clue what I would do next. Now two years later, I will run the ING NY City Marathon while raising awareness about autism and raising funds for Autism Speaks. Follow me on my quest to change the world, 26.2 miles at a time.

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Who would have thought 2 years ago while sitting in my car crying because I now had no idea what to do now that my son had been diagnosed with autism, that I would be a FEATURED RUNNER in the ING New York City Marathon running for Autism Speaks!?!?!!?

The ING New York City Marathon will be my 4th full marathon that I will run in and my 3rd race for Autism Speaks in Kadin’s honor. This past January I completed the Goofy Challenge at Disney while holding Kadin’s hand! And now I look forward to taking over the Big Apple for autism awareness!

I made a promise that day to  Kadin that the world would change because of him. As a mom, I can not break that promise! So far I think him and I are off to a darn good start! Don’t know what autism is? Feel free to ask, I just hope you have lots of time to listen!

ING New York City Marathon 2011….It’s Time to Listen, It’s time to RUN!!!

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