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James Durbin’s ‘Memories of a Beautiful Disaster’ is Available!

November 21, 2011 3 comments

This post is by the folks at JAMESDURBININFO! You can read the full post here!

It’s November 21st, which means for James Durbin fans that his highly anticipated CD, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster, is finally available in stores.

Durbin, who suffers from both Asperger’s and Tourette’s Syndrome, but refuses to be sidelined by either, co-wrote five of the 11 songs on the standard edition of Memories of a Beautiful Disaster, and was afforded the dream come true scenario of working with his favorite band (Swedish cult heroes Hardcore Superstar) and with a guitar god (Mötley Crüe’s Mick Mars) on Outkast. He also wrote with several seasoned songwriters such as Marti Frederickson (Chris Daughtry, Aerosmith) and James Michael (SixxAm).

Durbin explains that the title, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster, means that he is looking back at his life, and at all of the hardships he endured due to the early death of his father from a drug overdose, and the constant bullying he faced at the hands of other kids in school. What seemed like a disaster at the time now seems beautiful, because it made him who he is today. He also sings about the redemptive power of love and the happiness he has with his fiancée, Heidi, and their young son, Hunter.

Higher than Heaven, one of the songs co-written by Durbin, starts the album out with a rocking sound about love. It’s a strong song and already a fan favorite (WindUp records gave fans a preview of the song last week.) Two songs are about being bullied, Outkast and Screaming. The former was co-written with Hardcore Superstar and features Motley Crue’s Mick Mars on the cut. It is meant to be tongue-in- cheek, and it raaaawks. The latter, written with Idol alum David Cook, is for kids who have endured the kind of treatment Durbin did as a child. It’s an anthem for outcasts, the ones who got “kicked out but never caved in,” and it tackles the subject in a fun way. I can already picture young fans screaming along to this song with Durbin during concerts.

Taking a completely different direction is the heart-tugging ballad May, shows the softer side of James. Country music fans will enjoy this cut. Be prepared to tear-up; the song is beautiful, as is James’ falsetto. Another gorgeous slower song is Everything Burns.

The US army was impressed enough with the song, Right Behind You, to license it for distribution to 100,000 troops.  The song is meant to help the troops feel supported. It starts slowly and builds to a full crescendo, and is one of the strongest cuts on the album.

Love Me Bad, Durbin’s current single, is about a love gone wrong. Be sure and watch the video on Vevo or itunes. It is classic Durbin and filled with lots of fire. StandUp is the official current stadium anthem for the NFL. You can hear it every Sunday when you attend a football game. It does just what you would expect, gets people excited and “pumped-up” in order to support their team.

Memories of a Beautiful Disaster is a strong debut album. There is something for everyone. If you loved James singing ballads on American Idol, you will love May. If you love rock you will love Outkast. And there is plenty in between.

The album is now available at leading retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy. Or you can order it on James’ website at or download it from itunes. Whatever you do, buy it – you won’t regret it!

Less than One Week Until James Durbin Album Launch!!

November 15, 2011 2 comments

Adapted from  JAMESDURBININFO. JAMESDURBININFO was created by fans to help support the launch of James Durbin’s debut album Memories of a Beautiful Disaster on WindUp Records.

In 6 days, James Durbin will launch his debut album, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster!

These next couple of weeks jamesdurbininfo will be full of links to reviews and press about the launch of the new album. But, we won’t lose site of our primary goal: helping fans learn how to help James Durbin launch a successful career. This week jamesdurbininfo will offer a “Daily To Do List” that will give you tips and suggestions for just one thing you can do each day to support James. 

Remember, selling albums is still the #1 way to succeed – not an easy task in the age of illegal downloads. There is a lot we can do to help. First and foremost, buy the album!!! We can also help generate buzz, which will in turn be picked up by the media, which generates more buzz, which sells more albums. We can also help with making radio requests to our local top 40 stations for the single Love Me Bad, and to rock stations for StandUp. Look for information coming fromjamesdurbininfo about joining one of the James Durbin Street Teams in the coming week. Or, you can sign up now right here.


Preorder Memories of a Beautiful Disaster! This is the last week you can preorder James’ new album, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster. All of these sales count towards the albums all-important, heavily reported by the media, first week album sales. You can pre0rder here:

Wal-Mart (hard CD)

Amazon (hard CD or mp3) store

James Durbin To Do List!

October 28, 2011 12 comments

This post is adapted from ‘JAMESDURBININFO.’

To Do List

In the spirit of supporting all things James, here is what you need to do today to support our favorite rocker.

    1. Check out the new website at You could get lost for hours there – it’s awesome. Think about your Christmas list and check out the merchandise section.
    2. Sign up for the Community on the website and flood James with congratulations.
    3. It is Follow Friday on twitter. Put #FF in front of James’ twitter name and tweet it. #FF @DurbinRock. While you are at it, add some of your other favorite celebrities and James fans.  
    4. Be sure you like James on Facebook if you haven’t done it yet already.
    5. Want mobile updates? Subscribe by sending text “james” to 30644 

Within a few weeks it will be time for voting for James video on VH1. This is going to be important for getting James’ video into the top 10. VH1 is watched… keep your voting fingers limber!


Join the Autism Speaks James Durbin Voting Club

April 6, 2011 192 comments

James Durbin is simply amazing! He is such a talent and we are rooting for him on this season of American Idol. James has been diagnosed with both Tourette’s and Asperger’s Syndromes and is an inspiration to us all. He has overcome many challenges and we are proud to support him on American Idol! In order to support him fully, we’ve decided to create alerts to remind you to vote for him each week!

To get connected, friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to receive updates on your mobile phone! All you have to do is text ‘James’ to 30644. We will send reminders out each week to vote for tune in and vote for James and do our collective best as the autism community to support James!


TEXT “JAMES” TO 30644 to get updates on your mobile phone!*

*Message and data rates may apply


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