Less than One Week Until James Durbin Album Launch!!

November 15, 2011 2 comments

Adapted from  JAMESDURBININFO. JAMESDURBININFO was created by fans to help support the launch of James Durbin’s debut album Memories of a Beautiful Disaster on WindUp Records.

In 6 days, James Durbin will launch his debut album, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster!

These next couple of weeks jamesdurbininfo will be full of links to reviews and press about the launch of the new album. But, we won’t lose site of our primary goal: helping fans learn how to help James Durbin launch a successful career. This week jamesdurbininfo will offer a “Daily To Do List” that will give you tips and suggestions for just one thing you can do each day to support James. 

Remember, selling albums is still the #1 way to succeed – not an easy task in the age of illegal downloads. There is a lot we can do to help. First and foremost, buy the album!!! We can also help generate buzz, which will in turn be picked up by the media, which generates more buzz, which sells more albums. We can also help with making radio requests to our local top 40 stations for the single Love Me Bad, and to rock stations for StandUp. Look for information coming fromjamesdurbininfo about joining one of the James Durbin Street Teams in the coming week. Or, you can sign up now right here.


Preorder Memories of a Beautiful Disaster! This is the last week you can preorder James’ new album, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster. All of these sales count towards the albums all-important, heavily reported by the media, first week album sales. You can pre0rder here:

Wal-Mart (hard CD)

Amazon (hard CD or mp3) store

James Durbin TO DO List for Week of November 7!

November 7, 2011 Leave a comment

This post is adapted by JAMESDURBININFO. JAMESDURBININFO was created by fans to help support the launch of James Durbin’s debut album Memories of a Beautiful Disaster on WindUp Records.

To view full post, please visit here.

1. Area residents please personally call your local station (if on chart below) and thank them for playing StandUpMost of these have been played overnight and not in prime time. We need to change that. Be sure and tell them you would like to hear it again.

2. For the rest, tweet or email your appreciation – be very nice and respectful – or you can leave it on their website or facebook. Since we want to keep track of what radio stations we have coverage for, please make a quick note in the comments like  “called WKEE in Memphis to thank them for playing StandUp.”  We will keep the info on a spread sheet so we can know where we still need coverage.

4. This week is the time to join your local stations listener club if you haven’t already. The top 40 stations are listed on the pull down tab here called Radio Stations. Those are the stations for Love Me Bad. Look for their contests where they pit LMB against another song and listeners vote. Let us know in the comments section on the  NINJA NEWS page right away if your local station is having a contest. Active Rock stations for StandUp will be posted on the Radio Station pull-down tab very soon.

5. We are just two weeks out from the release of Memories of a Beautiful Disaster. The CD was sent to bloggers and newspapers to listen to at the end of  last week and review and we expect to see the reviews start rolling in. American Idol is kind of like football playoffs through the Superbowl. Fans of other contestants that did not make it as far, or of contestants from past years like to voice their displeasure in the comments sections of articles about James – and the reviews will be no exception. Don’t worry, this is classic Idol and the more threatening James success is to others, the worse it will get. So, don’t get disheartened, JUST GOOGLE JAMES TO LOOK FOR THOSE REVIEWS AND MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE POSITIVE COMMENTS ABOUT JAMES. The goal is to far outnumber fans of others (kind of like fans of other teams – it really is like sports or politics and it can get ugly). Chin up, take the high toad, and fill the comments full of your excitement for the CD and sing James’ praises – in other words just be us – but publicly!

6. Want mobile updates? Subscribe by sending text “james” to 30644 and receive updates from Autism Speaks!

7. Remember, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster comes out in two short weeks. It is a busy time for fans; James needs us more than ever now!

James Durbin To Do List!

October 28, 2011 12 comments

This post is adapted from ‘JAMESDURBININFO.’

To Do List

In the spirit of supporting all things James, here is what you need to do today to support our favorite rocker.

    1. Check out the new website at You could get lost for hours there – it’s awesome. Think about your Christmas list and check out the merchandise section.
    2. Sign up for the Community on the website and flood James with congratulations.
    3. It is Follow Friday on twitter. Put #FF in front of James’ twitter name and tweet it. #FF @DurbinRock. While you are at it, add some of your other favorite celebrities and James fans.  
    4. Be sure you like James on Facebook if you haven’t done it yet already.
    5. Want mobile updates? Subscribe by sending text “james” to 30644 

Within a few weeks it will be time for voting for James video on VH1. This is going to be important for getting James’ video into the top 10. VH1 is watched… keep your voting fingers limber!



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